Ever suffered from tennis elbow? Lateral epicondylitis, for you nerds out there, is the worst injury I have ever suffered. It’s frankly undignified. You don’t get a cast, there’s no magic cure and it lasts for-ever. After months of acupuncture, massage, and wearing a support brace and little to no change, it was time to call in the big guns, enter Myodetox.


myodetox tennis elbow exercise

As we age, we face a steady decline in repair and performance. Training to ensure you can keep up with your physical fitness and sports-related goals can limit injuries, but eventually, something will catch up to you. That something for me, was tennis elbow, a repetitive strain in my elbow joint, in my case caused by stick handling in hockey.

This not humorous condition involves the inflating or stretching of the tendons responsible for bending your wrist in the opposite direction from your palm. It arises due to the repetitive movement of the muscles in your forearm, which connect to the outer part of your elbow.

Ok, fine but how do you fix it?

How to Fix Your Terrible Tennis Elbow

Ice is nice but only for the first 24 hours. And with a nagging injury like this one, that’s about 1/120th of the process. Opt for heat and a light massage to keep the blood flowing. Tension braces, like this one from Amazon, can help secure and reduce the added strain of day-to-day movements.

After weeks of not much improvement, I turned to acupuncture to alleviate some of the swelling and discomfort. Diane was a maestro with a set of needles, quickly assessing my other issues and using a light touch to insert the needles.


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After a few rounds and only a slight improvement, she brought out the big guns and added cupping to the repertoire. A series of jabs in a central forearm spot evolved into a rupture of blood once aided by suction. It’s messy and hard to watch. You have been warned. Plus, you leave them on for quite a few minutes so it’s not for the squeamish.

It did help to further drain some of the puffiness. I also would use this Chinese medicinal ointment with a heating pad twice daily to further the healing. (DM for Diane’s number).

Tennis Elbow- Heal Thyself and Stay That Way

Natasha Minas of Myodetox was my next healing harbour. My tennis elbow, verified by both ultrasound and X-ray was not improving and was now in its 8th month. I couldn’t lift much, never mind my camera or any weights. Putting away dishes was a one-armed feat. I was miserable. And then I sprained my ankle and couldn’t even support myself on crutches (freedom sticks). Luckily the sprain was minor but that was when I really got nervous that my arm was not ever going to heal.

Natasha had seen this injury countless times in her years as a Physiotherapist. I would need to do some work on my own, but that’s the idea of physio, it’s cooperative. You get better results by putting in the work.

In addition to esecntric weight lifting (see Tik Tok for the move) she also added in massage to allow for immediate relief and improved movement. Meeting biweekly, I made progress quickly. First, pulling one pound weights, twice a day, three rounds of twenty, with one minute breaks in between. The itty bitty pink weights were so laughable, until the twelfth or thirteenth effort. Once I could complete the workout pain free, I was up to 2lb weights, and finally 5lb weights.

Finally, tennis elbow can take months, sometimes years to heal. It is not a quick process but healing is on the horizon.