Summer hair can be hard to tame. From bleachy poolside escapades to mega-humid heat domes, hair texture can be negatively affected in countless crunchy ways. No matter your length or texture, each time you tease, blow or straighten you are damaging your hair. From root to shaft to tip, the stress shows.

As we age, our hair ages with us. Tending to your garden and ensuring your tresses have the nutritional support and care is key to growing a mean mane right into your silver years.


It’s what’s inside that counts. Start by promoting healthy hair and nourishing it from within. Proven results for hair, skin and nails, collagen is the wonder supplement we ALL should be taking DAILY. While there’s a dizzying array of powders, gummies and even effervescent tablets, what’s important is actually just taking them, every day. Newly launched Collagen Premium Peptides from Natures Sunshine offer 8.6g per serving. Grass-fed and pasture-raised, this unflavoured formula turbo-boosts your smoothies, coffee or juices.

garden of life collagen

With a vitamin routine well underway, it’s time to shift your attention to the shaft. Hair shaft that is…While abstaining from colouring or other chemical treatments is a safe first bet, don’t stop there. Now that we’ve settled on what goes in, let’s dive into what goes on next.


Frequently, we’re seeing a trend toward washing hair with bottled water. This is wasteful and totally unnecessary. If you’re really wondering what’s with your water you can invest in a water filtration system to remove chlorine and other nasty chemicals. T3’s Hand Held Mineral Water Filter is steep at $200 but purports to improve hair and skin. Users report less frizz and lasting results for colour-treated hair.

Second to water is what goes with it. Shampoo and conditioner come down to personal preferences and should be rotated by usage. Oily build-up? Grab a clarifying shampoo like Davines Solu Clarifying Solution. Blonde looking to lock in your colour? amika’s bust your brass is a winner. Brittle and dry, give Rehab by Lush Cosmetics a try.

Finally, wrap up the shower routine with a choice conditioner. Again, it comes down to your needs. But a weekly deep-treatment like Voir’s Walk in the Sun does double duty as a detangler and smells like actual heaven. Treat yourself to this nourishing formula overnight for a penetrating effect.

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Hitting the gym or the trails for a sweat session can pull on follicles or worse, just fall right out. Hairstrong Strongband Scrunchies brings resolution to this female-focused frustration. With a clever adjustable mechanism built into the band, your mane is easy to contain, even under the messiest buns. Simply wash in the shower and hang to dry. Available in an array of colours say goodbye to elastic bands forever. From $15.99 through


From drastic to fantastic in a flash, the peppy new amika high tide deep waver is the newest addition to amika’s already impressive lineup. Adding an effortless crimpy wave to refresh tired hair is a cinch. Heats up in a flash and works brilliantly on second-day hair that could use a new ‘do. If you can wave a curling iron around then you’re ready to crimp and go- $165 at Sephora.

amika high tide deep waver

For the ultimate pampering session, treat stressed locks with an intensive hands-on experience. The deep cleanse courtesy Céla’s Signature Shampoo at Hammam Spa is worth the extra $40. The 15-minute add-on treatment can be combined with Hammam’s body rituals, perfected to hydrate tresses and destress with a scalp massage before a luxe amika mask is layered on. A decadent finale for a crowning achievement.