When it comes to our pets we often think of them as very much part of our families. They come into our hearts and homes filling every corner with unconditional love. If you have a shedding pet like I do, then I’m sure you can relate when I say that that’s not all the corners are filled with! We call it “corgi glitter” in our home especially in the fall and spring when our pup goes through his mega shedding seasons. Cleaning daily has become routine and yes, he’s totally worth it!

We have several Dyson products but when the cordless V15 Detect Total Clean was introduced several years ago, it was a game-changer. I will never look at vacuuming the same way ever again. Recently, the brand introduced the Dyson Outsize+ that has the same laser light and particle count technology as mine but it’s bigger! Great for covering even more floor space with a bigger head and canister.

Taylor McDonald is also a fan of this technology. As a trusted leader in the dog community (especially in enrichment — see her site bindisbucketlist.com) she was one of the first to get her hands on this latest vacuum.While using the Dyson, she immediately discovered the amount of dirt, dust, and hair that her previous vacuum was leaving behind, which was a huge shock! “Using the Dyson Outsize+ showed me how much dirt our little family truly leaves around the house (not just my dogs, but also my Fiancé and I!),” said McDonald. “Many things that I thought were being cleaned properly in many cases… were not.”

As a pet owner, she mentioned that she always wants to ensure that her home is a safe and habitable space for her dogs (and of course for the humans in the home, too). But when she first began working with Dyson, their team of experts briefed them on pet science. She learned that Dyson’s microbiologists studied how dirt, pet dander, and other particles can be spread by pet hair.

“They wanted to help find better ways to capture and contain them.  Especially as raw feeders ourselves, having a clean space is exceedingly important to ensure that everyone remains healthy and happy. Knowing how well our Dyson works gives me peace of mind that our guests can come over and be comfortable in a clean space,” said McDonald.

So, what features does she love on the new Dyson Outsize+? Of course, everyone who’s tried the vacuum will tell you the laser feature on the Laser Slim Fluffy™ cleaner head is extremely satisfying, but she also tells us she loves the “point and shoot” bin emptying function. “It makes it much easier to empty out the dirt all in one go! I’ve also never had a cordless vacuum before, so that’s something that I’ve been loving as well. I clearly have too many favourites!

“The first time Joe and I used the laser, we were both delighted… and horrified! Delighted because it worked so well, but also horrified by how much dirt and debris were hiding from us in plain sight. Using the laser feature is very satisfying (and borderline addicting),” said McDonald.


We also wanted to know how her own dogs react to the appliance. McDonald tells us her pup Rosie doesn’t mind most vacuums, whereas Bindi can be a bit more nervous when it comes to loud noises and sporadic movements. “I think a game changer for us was how much quieter the Outsize + ran. Dyson’s cordless range of vacuums are acoustically engineered, and designed to absorb vibrations and dampen noise, to keep sound levels down. This seems to help quite a bit in making Bindi less nervous of the machine.”

Taylor McDonald’s tips for integration:

Slowly desensitize your pooch to your new vacuum by letting them get used to it while off. Once they’re comfortable around what it looks like, try “silent vacuuming” – essentially where you go through the motions of how you’d regularly vacuum with your machine, but with it turned off. Always reward positive interaction (i.e. indifference to the machine, and/or pleasant/inquisitive interactions). Once your dog is desensitized to the look and movement of your machine, you’re ready to start the machine up and give it a go! It can take some time, but practice makes perfect.

Any advice to help minimize dog’s shedding? Her recommendation is regular brushing and the right diet.  She tells us this might look a bit different for everyone based on your dog’s breed and coat type but having the right tools and routine can really make a difference! For example, some dogs may need to be brushed once a week, while other dogs may require brushing once a month. As for diet, there’s no such thing as a food that will completely stop shedding. However, ensuring that your dog is on a balanced diet while also sneaking in a source of omega-3’s (which are known to help improve a dog’s skin and coat) is never a bad idea.

“My experience with Dyson has been extremely positive and hasn’t only opened my eyes to dirt and mess (like one might think), but using our Outsize+ has made cleaning enjoyable again! Not only that, but it has given us more time to enjoy our family due to the ease of use and the power behind the machine,” said McDonald.

After all, she reminds us that less time cleaning = more time to spend with one another!

So true!


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