We’ve all stared at our “old” smartphones and wonder what to do with them. Do we trade them for an upgrade? Do we hang on to them “just in case?” Do we pass it along to the grandparents or our kids? How about selling them?

Interesting findings were released by eBay Canada recently:

  • Last year, an iPhone was bought or sold every nine minutes.
  • Last year, iPhone searches by Canadians increased by over 40% in September when the iPhone 8 and iPhone X were announced and released compared to July and August.
  • The conditions of iPhones Canadians are buying and selling on eBay are 20% new, 30% refurbished and 50% used.

Fall is one of the peak times of the year for buying and selling smartphones. It’s back- to-school season and many of the big tech companies begin announcing their newest releases. Selling an older phone to make way for a newer model is a good way to offset costs as well as clutter, but how many of us know what to do, where to go and how much to sell for?

My friend and Canadian tech expert, Amber Mac offers tips on how to sell your used smartphone online. “Selling your old phone to help you trade up for a newer device is great for your pocketbook and the planet, and sites like eBay help you get top dollar for your old phone while keeping it out of landfills,” says Amber.

Choose the Right Selling Platform: There are many ways to sell a used smartphone, both in store and online, but it’s important to do your research to know which is the best option for you. When making your decision, consider a few factors:

1.Which platform can give me the most value?
2.Which platform will give me access to the most buyers?
3. Which platform is quick and easy to use?

Canadians can make the most money from selling their old phones on eBay, in comparison to any local service provider, and it doesn’t cost anything to put up a listing, so there is no risk in trying! You can create your listing right from your phone, and they’ve created a quick simple experience that walks you step-by-step through creating a listing, giving you price recommendations, shipping options, and more, so even newbie sellers can create a great listing in 60 seconds. Go to eBay.ca/sellmyphone to get started.

Bundle Your Phone with Accessories to Get Top Dollar: If you have chargers or cases for your smartphone, consider including them in the listing as an extra selling feature. It’s an easy value-add to help you get the most money for your phone and help differentiate your listing from the others online.

Include Lots of Photos in Your Listing: It’s important to include lots of photos of your phone, including any areas that have some wear and tear so you are fully transparent and upfront on the condition. Take photos in well-lit areas on a clear, white background, and make sure they are sharp and bright. Good photos help get your listing noticed and sell your item!

List Your Item Globally, but Strategize on Shipping: By listing your item on eBay, you can reach 175 million potential buyers from around the globe, which can help sell your phone fast and for top dollar. However, it’s important to strategize on shipping, because costs can vary from across the country and around the world, and you have the ability to specify your shipping options based on potential buyer location. Be sure to offer free shipping within Canada, as many buyers search specifically for items with free shipping, but consider accounting for that cost in your asking price for these listings so you don’t need to pay out of pocket. For international buyers, you should also add a U.S. or international service to boost your item’s chance of conversion. Calculated shipping will allow you to accurately estimate the cost of shipping to buyers around the world.

Remember to Clear Your Phone! Don’t forget to wipe any personal data from your phone before you sell it! Remove your SIM card, back up your data, sign out of all apps, uninstall and then wipe your phone. If your phone is connected to any other devices like an Apple Watch, be sure to unpair via Bluetooth. Also, be sure to take note of your phone’s serial number for your records.

Hope this helps!