There are so many personal toys for women (and men) these days, and it’s hard to determine what is right for us. But like many things new to us a little bit of research definitely can help. If you’re new to the adult toy realm, the first thing to know is that they don’t all do the same thing. What? That’s right. But have no fear! We asked an expert to help guide us. And, hey, curiousity can be fun. So, we turned to Dr. Jess, a Toronto-based sexologist (PhD), author and television personality, to help us navigate.

If you’re new to toys (or simply overwhelmed by the selection), you’re not alone. “I always suggest that you focus on your own needs as opposed to worrying about what’s popular,” says Dr. Jess. For example, “If you tend to like external rubbing and grinding, choose a flat vibrating toy with rumbly vibrations.”

But there’s more options in the marketplace and at varying price points. BTW, go with a trusted retailer – our favourite is

Some of Dr. Jess’s favourites include…

Romp Wave Lay On Vibe — this affordable flat toy is silky smooth; you can hold it in your hand or glide on top of it for vibrating fun.

Lovehoney Desire Clitoral Stimulator — she love the curve and firmness of this rumbly vibe that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.

We-Vibe TouchX — this is her personal favourite, which has all the bells and whistles and has been serving Dr. Jess (and her clients) well for many years.

She also tells us if you enjoy a more full-bodied sensation (often associated with G-zone play), consider a curved internal toy like …

We-Vibe Rave — This one is curved and asymmetrical with extra “pleasure” ridges as well as the deepest, most rumbly vibes

Womanizer OG — “This brand new combo toy is likely to lead to new experiences of orgasm, as it combines vibrations and Pleasure Air for both internal and external play. It is THE ultimate indulgence!” says Dr. Jess.

Womanizer Duo — If you want explore blended orgasms (G-Zone internally + clitoral head externally), the Duo will “get the job done” and then some.

If you find that oral sex is the most pleasurable for you (like many folks), Dr. Jess suggests a Pleasure Air toy by Womanizer. “I like the Liberty, as it comes in the case and fits snugly in the palm of my hand.” But if you want something with a longer handle for ease of access, The Womanizer Premium 2 is a beautiful product with Smart Silence technology and an Autopilot option, so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

dr. jess - Lovehoney

Dr. Jess

And what about the materials used in making these toys? 100% silicone or borosilicate glass toys are Dr. Jess’s top picks. “ABS plastic and stainless steel are also great choices that can be cleaned easily. Porous materials (jelly, plastic, rubber, PVC) are harder to clean; even if you clean the surface, bacteria can live in the pores, so I recommend you use condoms with these toys if possible.”

But when we’re doing our research whether in store or online, there are some common terms that are used. What are some of the common terms (and what the heck do they mean? – so we know what we’re talking about?

Suction toys are generally referring to Pleasure Air-type toys that use tiny changes in air pressure to create the most unique sensation that is a cross between sucking, kissing, pulsing and vibing,” said Dr. Jess. “You’ll find this Pleasure Air technology across multiple brands including the Lovehoney Rose, the We-Vibe Melt and the original Womanizer (the folks who did all the research and design to bring this technology to life).”

Others terms we should know…

Bullet Vibes are generally smaller offering pinpointed pleasure.

Wands are generally larger and more powerful. Some are cordless and others plug in so you don’t have to worry about charging batteries.

G-Spot/G-Zone Vibes are generally curved to reach the G-zone along the shallow upper wall of the vagina.

Rabbit vibes generally refer to toys with two arms — one that is inserted into the vagina and the other that presses against the clitoris externally. The We-Vibe Nova 2 is the best in class in my opinion, as it’s adjustable and its outer arm is large enough and firm enough to create real pressure against the clitoral head.

Anal toys should have a flared base to ensure safety with insertion (you don’t want it to get lost up there!).

womanizer - Lovehoney

Womanizer OG

The latest toy on the market that’s creating a lot of buzz (no pun intended, sort of) is the new  Womanizer OG. So, what’s different about this new device from the previous model?

Dr. Jess explains, “The Womanizer OG combines deep, rumbly vibrations with Pleasure Air technology. It’s designed to perfectly curve internally against the G-zone (it’s Womanizer’s first internal Pleasure Air toy), but it can also be used with ease externally to build arousal (or lead to orgasm).

The sensations of the OG can be overwhelming (in a very good way), as you get to enjoy the unique pulse-suck-wave sensations of Pleasure Air along with multiple intensities of its vibrations. Because it’s designed for G-zone play, pleasure is more likely to spread across the entire body (thanks to deep extensions of the vagus nerve).”

Since she was one of the first in Canada to try the new Womanizer OG, any surprises for her?

“I was most surprised at how well this one worked for partner play. Its curve allows you to easily reach around during all sorts of play — from oral to intercourse to full-body massage,” said Dr. Jess “Because it vibrates, you can feel the reverberations even while using it on your partner.

You can use the OG against the nipples, along the perineum, along the lips, against La Fourchette (the fork in the road where the lips meet at the very bottom), over the head of the clitoris and, of course, internally around the G-zone.”

And for the first timers to adult toys? What advice does she have for us?

“Start on the lowest setting and gradually build intensity. And play externally first. Although the OG is designed for G-zone play, many people find that this sensitive area (accessed via the upper vaginal wall) is best stimulated after you’ve spent some time building arousal.”

The Womanizer OG officially launched in Canada on December 1 — just in time for the holiday season! Hint Hint!  You can learn more about it here at or at