Making a switch to using a natural deodorant might be intimidating for some. I know. The thoughts went through my mind a few years ago. Will it work? Will it give me the same protection as any of the drug store brands? Also, why switch? I mean, the deodorants and antiperspirants meet the government health requirements. So what’s the big deal, right? Well, after meeting a few women who made the switch initially for health reasons (you can search many reasons why it’s a worthy consideration), I decided to try it and I haven’t looked back. Today there are more and more options for natural deodorants. Recently I had the opportunity to discover a few all natural skincare products with Clean Kiss Lifestyle by Jodie Pappas. Immediately, I checked out her deodorant.

It was this product that actually launched Jodie into this realm of natural skincare. She mentioned that she was conscious about what she was putting on her body as a result of some health issues a few years back. Also, as a mother of two pre-teen daughters, who were, at the time, just beginning to explore wearing anti-perspirants, body sprays and other highly fragranced products from well-known, commercial brands, she was increasingly concerned about the toxins they were putting on their skin. She wanted to make a cleaner choice but also wanted something that worked 24/7. By the way, you may be familiar with her pro-aging products that I’ve raved about on social media (more on that in a coming story).

Educating the everyday consumer about their choices is part of the mission. It’s one thing to show the science and research behind a product but ultimately people want to know something as personal as deodorant works. No surprise that many are hesitant to make a switch to natural.

“People are concerned it won’t work but then are pleasantly surprised when they realize that it works even better!” said Jodie. She tells us a lot of product testing is done with people who put her Clean Kiss natural deodorant through some very rigorous testing (personal trainer, hot yoga teachers, marathon runners, triathletes to name a few). “I am happy to report that only if it stands up for them does it pass the Clean Kiss test!”

Jodie suggests you simply just try it first before making your mind on efficacy.

“I encourage others to keep an open mind to try other brands and see what works for you,” said Jodie. “Don’t judge the whole natural deodorant industry just because you tried one and it didn’t work, or your friend had a bad experience.”

She also goes on to tell me that we should also be aware of what is in big brand “traditional” anti-perspirants. “There are so many harmful toxins such as aluminum, fragrance, parabens, phthalates and more that aren’t worth the risk of putting those on and in your body.”

I asked Jodie to explain further.

“Aluminum is the number one offender in anti-perspirants. Aluminum is the ingredient that stops perspiration by literally clogging your sweat ducts thereby stopping perspiration from being emitted from your body. If you stop to think about this, sweating is a natural process by which our body regulates its temperature and also how it releases toxins that it doesn’t want or need. By plugging the sweat in your armpits you are literally asking those toxins to swim around in our body. You should make it a point to let your body sweat every day to stay healthy!

Secondly, people should be aware of what synthetic fragrances do to their endocrine system. Synthetic fragrances contain phthalates which can cause endocrine disruption, essentially wreaking havoc on your hormones. The side effects can go unnoticed for years or can manifest as reproductive issues, thyroid dysfunction, headaches, rashes, cancers, and so much more. When you pick up a product and see “fragrance” on the ingredient list know that there could be thousands of chemicals characterized by that word that manufacturers do not need to disclose (yes, even if it is unscented!). Be especially wary of any anti-perspirant or “natural” deodorant that contains a scent that isn’t grown in the earth (i.e. fresh linen, coconut breeze, shower fresh, etc.).

Also a word of caution about “Clinical strength” anti-perspirants as they often contain an even higher percentage of aluminum in order to make them clinical. I personally find that trying a natural deodorant with charcoal, pre-biotics, tea tree oil and my favourite odour-buster is patchouli essential oil!” said Jodie.

Okay, so I mentioned to her about how years ago I was given a step-by-step “how to” when I was looking to switch from mass consumer brand to a natural one. It was recommended to me to try in cooler months so my body would have time to detox and adjust to the new natural one. Does this kind of process still ring true?

Not necessarily. Jodie explain that every body is different and every experience is unique. Some people make the switch without any issues whatsoever but then others may need a transition. This can be especially true if you are also making some clean lifestyle changes at the same time (nutrition, hormonal, increased stress, etc.).

However, some people may develop sensitivities to natural deodorant, and also to anti-perspirants alike.”I like to speak to my customers directly to see how they are using their deodorant, what kind of body soap they use, if they are sensitive to baking soda or even a particular essential oils, and if they have made any other lifestyle changes such as nutrition, household products, etc. if they suddenly develop a reaction to any new skincare product. There could be a number of contributing factors and there is not a “rule” per se about making the switch or how your body will react,” said Jodie.

The natural deodorant industry has come a long way in the last decade and there is everything from creams in a jar, like Clean Kiss, to sticks. Jodie personally formulate hers in a jar. Why?  She tells us it’s because the formula works better being slightly thicker and it gives women a tremendous opportunity to do a breast/lymph node exam while they are massaging it into their armpit. Double bonus!

After trying Clean Kiss for nearly two months now, I can confidently say that this one works for me. It carries through the day and into the evening. I love the Lemon Pie Kisses scent that’s light great for men, women and teens. A jar has lasted me well into my second month and I’ve got plenty left to continue with.

How to use it? I’ve found that a pea size is enough to give me full coverage. I simple scoop some out and rub into the clean underarm area. No drying time needed. That’s it!

There are other scents available including Lavender Peppermint aka “Make That Kiss Last”, Lemongrass Bergamot aka “Kiss That Hottie”, Orange Vanilla aka “Sweet Creamsicle”, Citrus Patchouli aka “Pucker Up”, and Cedar Vetiver aka “Kiss The Earth”.

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*yoga image photo credit: Photo by Oksana Taran on Unsplash