This summer, in partnership with Cricut, we’re bringing a little razzle-dazzle to your Canada Day. Whether you’re looking to create custom decor, party supplies or swag for going out (we see you Beerfest!) we are inspired to create.

But the learning curve can be a little steep. If you’re new to the world’s greatest cutting device, it can be overwhelming to get started. The good news is that everyone loves to share their designs and ideas, and the Cricut community couldn’t be easier to join.


After getting set up, it’s time to choose your project and get cutting. There are quite literally millions of ideas to borrow or browse. Happily, we got a little coaching from Cricut expert Rose over at Cricut With Ro.osabella. Rose is based in Ontario and has an extensive catalogue of projects and art that are shareable and easy to execute.

cricut canada day lawn design

Rose creates a slew of wonderful designs to create artwork, gifts and clothing for friends and family. Her variety of Cricut projects is deep, and she has a vibrant Facebook group you can join to get inspired and ask questions. And, it’s free to join!

Having an expert on speed dial is a great start for using this impressive machine. Starting with a few easier-to-make projects can help build your confidence with Cricut.


With a couple of resources, you can quickly make a fun assortment of Canada Day crafts. We made this cute Fireworks T-shirt (lead photo) in a matter of minutes using Smart Vinyl. This permanent vinyl is long-lasting, so you can make custom looks that won’t get washed away. Use the Heat Guide to ensure the transfer will be long-lasting and won’t damage fabrics.

Pro tip! Don’t use fabric softeners and be sure to wash inside out in cold water to keep your Cricut creations fresh.

cricut canada day lawn design

Have you ever thought of decorating your lawn? There’s nothing off-limits in the Cricut universe! Using cardstock, we cut out a perfect maple leaf and used spray paint to set the tone for our festivities. Imagine creating a custom path for your party, bedazzling a birthday cake on your friend’s lawn or creating custom signage for a family reunion.

Next up, we saved the maple leaf we cut out to make a Canada-themed clapboard sign. First, we spray-painted the wood white, then affixed the maple leaf in the middle. Add a few coats of red, allow to dry, and remove for the big reveal.

Looking to tackle even bigger projects? We have some ideas to get you inspired.

All images by Libby Roach.