Plastic Surgery isn’t for everyone. But it should be available to everyone. That’s the ethos behind the dynamic duo that is FORM Face + Body. Drs Ron Somogyi and Waqqas Jalil have tailored their practice to suit the needs of every BODY. Steeped in both cosmetic and complicated reconstructive surgeries, their methodology makes them a sought-after team amongst Toronto’s high-profile plastic surgery experts.

Choosing to make a change can be a difficult decision for some to make. But putting off change can be as equally challenging.

So, we spoke with the Drs to get the skinny on how to know if you’re ready to go under the knife.


face lifts - Drs Somogyi and Jalil form face & body

Running a robust practice like FORM Face + Body means the team has seen pretty much everything! Setting aside your anxieties for your initial consult is crucial, you have to be open and honest. While some Hollywood inspo can prove helpful, it’s best to keep expectations in check. Michelle Obama arms aren’t for everyone.


Mommy makeover is a catch-all term for a combo of procedures. It is completely personal, and the individual decides what they are looking for. Commonly, that’s breast and tummy. But it can combine fat transfer, labiaplasty, etc. It’s called a mommy makeover because you’re combining two or three surgeries together, an efficient way to tackle general anaesthesia and post-surgery recovery.

Some surgeries are complementary to one another. A breast augmentation can be performed during the same surgery as a tummy tuck. Your position remains the same during surgery so it’s optimal to combo these two procedures together, under the same anaesthesia.

But a tummy tuck and a facelift involve very different parts of your body. Setting your expectations accordingly for separate surgeries would be the way to go.


Form Face and Body plastic surgery consult

Patient care is a priority with the FORM Face + Body team. Body makeovers are their passion.

Since the covid era, surgery is now more accessible with people having more downtime to recover. Every conversation prior to covid was focused on recovery and downtime. Healing is easier when patients can take this time off.

“Whether you were born with a feature you don’t like or your body has changed over time, there’s no reason to delay your well-being. Half our patients tell us ‘I wish I had done this ten years ago.’ We know we’ve done our jobs well when a patient completes their recovery and when we ask them to come in for a their fourth follow-up in one year, they say it’s not necessary. They are enjoying every minute of life.”

Dr. Ron Somogyi

The team also has access to a private surgical clinic with state-of-the-art operating rooms. The same nurses and anesthesiologists are the same on the day of surgery. This alleviates anxieties for everyone, especially patients.


Getting any surgery requires careful consideration. The team at Form will work with you to prepare you both physically and mentally before the big day. Patients can expect to pay between $20-$25K for a standard Mommy Makeover.

You’ll be up and walking the same day. The next day, you’re moving around the house on your own. In two weeks, you are almost back to normal activity. It’s 4-6 weeks before doing any lifting. No gym or carrying your baby for 6 weeks.

3 months in is where the magic starts. The swelling is starting to go down. A year and a half, and the scar starts really healing.

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