The language of love is universal. It doesn’t matter where you are, we all have ways of expressing our love and affection.  We all have silly nicknames we call each other. Lovedrop,  jellybean, cupcake, cookie, are all cute and adorable. My friends offered up theirs including honeybuns, sweetie pie, snookums, wiggly piggly, boo, gummy bear, and …sugartits? LOL

How the nicknames stick, we’re not sure. For this upcoming weekend of love, we tapped into Babbel for fun suggestions for love in many languages — just in case you want to impress yourself…and maybe your hunnybunny? And since we’re still home, it may be fun to start learning a new language.

So, what is the sexiest language? I’d vote for Spanish.

Me vuelves loco

(translation: you drive me crazy)

Although this phrase in Italian seems appropriate for pandemic times?

Potrei guardarti tutto il giorno

(translation: I could look at you all day)

Say  “I love you” in more ways than one! Here are some more ideas…

Here are some affectionate nicknames that are interesting too…


Schatz(i) // Liebling : Treasure // darling

Bärchen (Mausebär / Schmusebär): Little bear ( mouse bear / cuddle bear)


Cariño: Darling

Tesoro, corazón: Treasure, heart

Amor: Love


Chéri(e): Darling

Mon amour: My love

Mon loup: My wolf


Patatina: Little potato

Amore/Amo: Love

Cucciolo: Baby pet


bebê/nenê: Baby

mô/morzão: Love

Coração: Heart


älskling // hjärtat: Derived from the verb “to love” – älska // the heart

Sötnos: Sweet snout/nose

Gulleplutt: Cute little thing


schat / schatje: Treasure / little treasure

Lieverd: Darling

Patatje: Little fry / chip