It’s been a while since we’ve had time to spend with the family…JUST KIDDING! Even though most of us continue to work and study from home it’s actually a weekend full of celebrations. Time to change up the routine — trust us, it will do everyone a world of good to do something –anything– different. There are several celebrations including Valentine’s Day, Lunar New Year, and some parts of our country also have Family Day to look forward to this weekend. Here are some ways to help us get out of this pandemic rut – safely of course!


If food is love in your family then have your kids help get creative in the kitchen exploring recipes with the Tasty App. The entire family can explore all the delicious recipes with Buzzfeed’s Tasty. View their tempting videos and they try recreating recipes like a Volcano Cake, Rainbow Swirl Meringues or how about the Best Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies EVER! Ooooh, or Chocolate Covered Strawberries 4 ways perfect for V-Day! There are over 4000 recipes on the app to explore.

We’ve been creating heart shaped ice cubes for fun and leaving the around the neighbourhood. What we’ve been freezing inside are petals and twigs that we’ve had that were falling off bouquets at home. We’ve also been using up coloured sprinkles for another pretty look.

Make love coupons – kids versions are great gifts for mom, dad, siblings and grandparents. Coupons for FaceTime anyone? An at-home movie night? Family dance party? A fun game on the Xbox playing Katamari Damacy Reroll (SO FUN!).

This is also great craft idea for little ones who need to keep their hands busy. Source: and gets us into the spirit of spring coming soon!


Many asian cultures start their new year according to the Lunar Calendar. For Chinese, New Year’s festivities go for a couple of weeks. There are some fun ways to celebrate even if you’re not Chinese. A few customs (that may even be useful to you) include cleaning the house before the New Year begins – that is to sweep out bad vibes and spirits hanging around. Open up the windows to allow the fresh air of the new year come into your home.  Have oranges around (they represent wealth). Eat noodles (for longevity) but don’t cut them with a knife or scissors! Wear something new. Go ahead and make dumplings or order in Chinese food but FYI most will be closed on February 12 — the first day of the new year!

If you have young kids you may want to watch a wonderful Children’s Lunar New Year celebration with demonstrations, storytelling and craft making with Panda Mandarin Language School – virtual and free this year. Link here.

Toronto’s Chinatown BIA is also hosting a virtual Lunar New Year celebration on Saturday, February 13th starting a 7:30 pm.

Make paper lanterns to decorate your home. Here’s a link to see how

Check out the Jurassic World Alive gaming app  (iOS) to learn and explore incredible dinosaurs that roamed through Asia. In addition, the game doubles up and plays on the Valentine’s theme from February 14 to 22.

Turn on the tunes! Apple Music offers traditional and contemporary playlists to help usher in the new year. Fun to discover popular CantoPop stars of today.


A fun Family Day Cook-a-Long for families hosted by ties in love cooking demonstrations (via zoom) where participants will learn how to make Siu Mai with food blogger Mary, learn how to make Korean Jap chat with Dale from Song Cooks, learn about Lunar New Year traditions, find out why kimchi is good for you with Dr. Louis, there will be games and activities more. The event includes recipes and a complete meal kit with all the ingredients ($49) Toronto & GTA.

Book your family in to one of the many outdoor skating rinks that are open to the public with the City of Toronto. Each rink offers a limited time and number of people skating on open air rinks. Check details regarding masks and social distancing protocols.

Make ice balloon sculptures on your front lawn and encourage everyone in your neighbourhood to do the same. It’ll be cold enough this weekend to have some fun. Add in food colouring and outdoor lights for great effect. Here’s a how to created by