Did you know that one organ donor can save up to eight lives and improve the quality of life for up to 75 people? Despite our polite nature, Canada has one of the worst organ and tissue donor rates in the world. According to the David Foster Foundation, out of the 4,400 patients on the wait-list, there will be 5 deaths per week and one death every 30 hours. That’s a shocking reality and just a few of the astounding statistics the organization is raising our awareness to.

The David Foster Foundation is a national non-profit Canadian charitable organization that was founded by David Foster, the award-winning musician, songwriter, composer, arranger, producer, and recording artist, who started it after a request from his mother. The Foundation is dedicated to providing financial support for non-medical expenses to Canadian families with children in need of pediatric organ transplants. Over the past 36 years, the Foundation has assisted over 1,300 families with children in need of life-saving organ transplants and provided much-needed dollars in direct family support.Think of transportation costs, accommodations, rent, meals, groceries, clothing, basic necessities of everyday, especially for families who had to suddenly uproot their daily lives to a city where the operations and aftercare are available often away from their home. Think of parents or other designated caregivers who have to take a temporary leave from their work to be with their children.

“We are proud to have helped families across Canada, however there is more that needs to be done,” said Hon. Col. Michael Ravenhill, Chief Executive Officer, David Foster Foundation. “We strongly encourage everyone to educate themselves and share the continuing need for organ donation.”

Whether it was helping Nathan Hutchinson from Ontario who received a double-lung transplant or Briar Magel from Saskatchewan who received a multivisceral transplant, you can learn about the incredible family stories filled of perseverance, love and optimism.  Read their stories here.

There are several ways for Canadians to show support…

  • Visit www.davidfosterfoundation.com to see how you can help. Including donations of air miles, reward points, sponsoring a family, more on the official site.
  • Register to become an organ donor and share your wishes with your family.
  • Follow @DavidFosterFoundation on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates.