We’ve been building on our collection of Christmas decorations since we were married. We started in a tiny condo downtown Toronto that didn’t really have space for a big tree. Everything was tiny. The tree and the decorations kept in proportion with the space. Small wooden Nordic style hand carved minuscule ornaments hung on our compact tree.

As our family grew so did our home and our tree. Our Christmas tree began to fill our hearts as much as the space we moved into. We continued to hang the  tiny wooden trinkets  but the ornaments expanded to include the hand-made crafted ones our kids made in school. A mishmash of dried out gingerbread cut-outs and cloth-peg characters with half missing google eyed creations are still cherished are along side the ornaments collected during our worldwide travels. A tree of memories.

Now that the kids are teens, I’ve been inspired to update the decor in the house. Are we ready to overhaul the tree itself? I’m still on the fence about that one.

Recently I had a chance to find some inspiration at the Canadian Tire Christmas House — an actual house that is completely decorated in this year’s forecasted popular trends. Canadian Tire enlisted the help of well-known interior designers including Tracy Pratt to assemble the season’s most stunning looks.

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, shown at the Christmas House can be found at Canadian Tire. Everything. Also worth noting, Canadian Tire’s CANVAS Designer Series collaborates with Canadian designers to bring unique and original pieces to the collection.

Here are the themes that caught our attention:

SERENE ROSE: This contemporary and warm theme is not your grandma’s dusty rose. With a hint of metallic rose, the theme gives a glow that is modern and breathtaking.RED: Traditional with today’s updates in the details. Red is always bright and cheery and pleasing for multi-generations. Santa approved. Always a safe bet.

WHITE AND SILVER: A winter wonderland comes to mind in this timeless favourite look. Update with neon signs and pop of quirky to modernize.BRIGHTS: Fun, quirky and unexpected in this fun loving theme. Eye-popping details in this youthful look says Christmas is for everyone!BLUE: Cozy and rich in feel, this look is confident and comforting. Great look for spaces that includes libraries and dens.