I am sure, like me, your Facebook feed is filled with the same question. I’m headed to the beach, what should I read?  Admittedly, I read the comments in also every one of these posts, because I am curious about what people are reading and I am hoping to find something that catches my eye.

To save you time, we at Auburn Lane have assembled our bedside table list.

The Suspenseful Read

Manhattan Beach: Downtime is a great time to read suspense filled novels. This one has it in spades. It opens in 1934 with Anna, an 11-year-old girl accompanying her father to the Brooklyn shoreline on a winter day. You know nothing good will happen because with them is an underworld figure named Dexter Styles. Though this encounter is brief, and they quickly head off in disparate directions, readers will understand that their fates have just become inextricably intertwined.

Gabriel Allon Series: I love spy novels. Especially when the hero is a brooding James Bond kinda guy, but with a bit of a conscience. The central character, an Israeli spy named Gabriel Allon is powerful, artistic, and flawed. Throughout the series he assembles a covert team to support him on his various missions; each with a riveting backstory begging to be told. The 20 (yes 20!!) novels span just over a decade and keep up with modern day politics and technology. While somewhat formulaic, each book is a page turner.

Bel Canto: An oldie but a goodie. Originally published in 2001, this book is based on the Lima Crisis and tells the story of a group of hostages and their relationships between themselves and with their captors. The ending is filled with suspense and unexpected twists and turns.

Beartown:  What good Canadian doesn’t enjoy a book about hockey. Especially when great characters and a bit of suspense are thrown in. Set against a hockey game that will save the community, Beartown is a fabulous read that explores the hopes that bring a small community together, the secrets that tear it apart, and the courage it takes for an individual to go against the grain.

The Hot ‘n Heavy Read

The Gentleman’s Club: I am not going to lie here, this is a pure sensual read with little to no literary value. But after 15 years of marriage, 2 kids and countless loads of laundry, there are nights where I want to be swept away and read about unbeliveable romance and steamy sex. This series did it for me. It’s the classic bad boy tamed by good girl who loves to have multiple orgasims. You may not believe me, but there were passages where I had to put the book down, the descriptions of the beautifully decorated penthouse without any dust or dirty dishes was just too much for me to read.

Fever Series: By now you have figured it out, I like novels that come in a series. Characters develop over the books and reading about them over a period of time feels live a reunion of sorts. A friend of mine introduced me to this series and I loved it. Set in Dublin, it is a romantic novel that twists and tuns with supernatural elements.

The I’m Going to be Smarter After I Read This Read

A Gentleman In Moscow: This has to be one of my all time favourite books. My dad, who I lovingly describe as a literary snob, also couldn’t put this book down. Set in the early years after the Russian Revolution, it tells the story of a youthful aristocrat  sentenced to spend the rest of his life under house arrest at a luxury Moscow hotel. Be warned, this is not a book that can be skimmed or read half heartedly. It is deep, complex and layered with subtle nuances.

The Secret Lives of Colour: My colour palette is quite boring. My house is pretty monotone, I wear a lot of black and grey and really, my eye is not sophisticated enough to distinguish between hues of blue. So when I was recommended this book, I was a little apprehensive. However, the book masterfully tells the unknown stories and histories behind 75 different colour shades; using these stories to illustrate our culture. Wondering about punk’s florescent pink? You’ll find out about it here.

The Hate You Give: This is the book everyone has been talking about. While technically a young adult read, the themes, writing and content is appropriate for all ages. And given today’s climate, it is an important read for everyone. If you don’t know what it is about, crawl out from under your rock!

Red Notice: I will admit, I have not yet read this book but it is on my bedside, waiting for me to be of sound-enough mind to pick it up. It is a true story about an American financier in Russia, the murder of his principled young tax attorney, and his dangerous mission to expose the Kremlin’s corruption.

I Hear She’s A Real Bitch:  I am fascinated by the restaurant industry. Having waitered my way through university, I met all sorts of characters. This book is an honest look at what it takes to make it in the biz. While the author did little to endear herself, she did a lot to make me respect the heck out of her. An honest look behind the scenes.