The holidays are here again. And while that may usher in a flurry of anxieties, we want to alleviate a bit of stress with our annual holiday gift guide. Our nimble team seeks out the best from a slew of categories to test and try the very best. Many are locally crafted here in Canada.

Between shopping for your partner, kids or even a quirky coworker, we hand-pick our favourite finds. Make your list, check it twice, and then put your name on the top. T’is the season. 🎁



We have been singing the praises of Toronto-based beauty company Stoic Beauty. Green beauty is truly evergreen with the core ethos of Stoic’s water stewardship. The Skin Cycling Routine is formulated to be completely water-safe, while still delivering miraculous results. The three serums, Chryso, Apokathairo and Thalassa act as a holistic healing approach to promote and nourish skin through gentle exfoliation. Thalassa does double duty and helps improve itchy, dry scalp issues too. The Ultimate Skin Cycling Bundle is a steal ($98).

Stoic Beauty Skin Cycling Serums


Trust the sleep experts at Sleep Country to make your next flight a dream. The ZZZ Satin Travel Sleep Kit ($49) brings a silky soft plush neck pillow and matching eye mask all rolled into one convenient travel bag. Picture snoozing to your next destination, waking revived and refreshed. A perfect gift for the busy business traveller. Available at Sleep County online exclusively.

ZZZ Satin Travel Sleep Kit, holiday gift guide

While the number of people dealing with burnout, anxiety disorders, and insomnia continues to grow, people are searching for non-pharmaceutical ways to deal with these issues. Breathing exercises have been used for centuries to reduce stress and anxiety and now the science behind it is extensive. Simple, short breathing exercises act as a reset button for your nervous system.

And because breathing exercises are more effective if you do them correctly and regularly, moonbird has developed a tool that guides you intuitively, like a breathing coach in your hand. Relaxing has never been so easy, using it with the app on your phone or on its own. Moonbird helps you de-stress and sleep better, simply by breathing. A Moonbird device ($199 USD) is currently shipping to the US but Canadians will have to wait a bit longer.



We love Wildcraft for so many reasons- it’s women-owned, priced right and steeped in owner Laura’s Indigenous roots. Relying on nature’s ability to positively impact the mind and body through holistic scents, you’ll be whisked away by The Homebody Duo – Cozy Nights Gift Set ($74). The set includes a gorgeous Unwind Candle, naturally scented with Eucalyptus and Lavender. Blended with a Soy/Coconut wax blend, the scent is super relaxing. Paired with matching matches and a nourishing Illuminate Body Cream.

wildcraft homebody duo cozy nights


Canadians drink more coffee than any other nation in the world. Warm their heart with a robust mug of locally roasted Reunion Coffee. This family family-owned coffee business got its start in Roncy and makes sustainable choices when it comes to all its roasts. A limited edition dark roast version of the uber-popular Privateer is our top choice. This dark roast brings burnt marshmallow notes with a distinct smoky profile. Each purchase supports tree-planting initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa. Consider a subscription or a gift box, Privateer is available in two sizes, 12oz ($18) or 2lb ($37).

Reunion Coffee Privateer Holiday Gift Guide

DIY Drinks on demand is the lure of countertop cutie Drinkmate OmniFizz ($129.99 and up). Available in a variety of colours to coordinate with any kitchen, they’re also completely compatible with CO2 brands that use standard threaded screw-in cylinders. The possibilities are endless. From classic cocktails to fizzy alcohol-free drinks, anything goes with this bartender’s best friend. Bundle this beauty together with a few cylinders for the gift that keeps giving.

drinkmate omnifizz holiday gift guide

Festive, fun and made in Quebec, savour the many flavours of Galerie au Chocolat (prices vary). The source for premium made-in-Canada chocolates, Galerie au Chocolat boasts a wide range of inclusive flavours and preferences. Stevia-sweetened bars and vegan options are all ethically sourced with the highest quality ingredients. Shop for whimsical bars and truffles, in a variety of flavours, like Candy Cane or Mint Crisp.


Galerie au Chocolat holiday gift guide

BC-based OATME Superood ($12) freeze-dried fruit is our new favourite healthy snack. Naturally sweet, these crispy fruits are great for on-the-go snacking. Perfect for the holidays, OATME Superfood comes in a variety of flavours, like strawberry, mango and even durian. Handpicked at their peak, OATME Superfood will surprise and delight, making them a perfect stocking stuffer.

oatme superfood holidays

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