Out of sheer luck and timing, I was able to take care of my beauty needs mere weeks before quarantine mode gripped our city. My quarterly visit for a really good facial was the last thing I was able to get to at Clinique De Mode, a real gem located in Leslieville (Toronto). Both Libby and I managed to organize ourselves for a visit before we had to hunker down. Zoom face mask parties are a thing now.

For a few weeks, I’ve been living in loungewear and happily getting by with the minimum of, well, anything. However, skincare is something that I won’t slack or compromise on and it’s always been a priority.  Facials have been a part of my regime. I’m not worried about wrinkles but I am concerned about good clean skin and keeping my pigmentation and break out issues under control. The latter is a constant struggle. Sunscreen is my best friend.

Libby experiencing Clinique De Mode’s Hydrafacial

Being at home has made us more appreciative of great services and small businesses that help us take care of ourselves. This time has made many of us pause and reflect on what we truly value — and what we want to continue to support once this new normal settles in. Clinique De Mode is one of the places I’m eager to return to.

They first opened its doors in 2017 with a team of only licensed and trained doctors, nurses and medical estheticians. “As opposed to many other med spas in the city, we’ve made a conscious effort to not be the “fast food” of the skincare industry by just trying to upsell products/treatments and maximize turnover at any cost,” said Christina Moraitis, the Clinical Director and Founder.

And this was noticeable on my visit. The trained esthetician assessed my skin and reviewed what would be most beneficial for my skin. A tailored treatment is what we should all be looking for and what I received with four specific serums used. While the trained esthetician did inquire about the products I used at home, there was no push to purchase nor did she discredit what I was using. They do sell Skinceuticals, a line that I’ve had some success with in the past but I was already well-stocked at home with Alumiers and Graydon Skincare products. No pressure. That was nice.

Clinique de Mode takes pride in offering a more intimate and personal approach at the boutique medical spa and offer what they consider the most advanced, medical-grade skincare treatments in the industry. In the three years that they have been in business, they’ve accredited their success to their focus on organic/grassroots growth stemming from the immediate neighbourhood. If anything, it’s been word-of-mouth from clients that have paved the way for a growing clientele from outside of the area.

“We originally decided on the Riverside/Leslieville/Queen Street East neighbourhood specifically because it is one of the fastest-growing neighbourhoods in the city with no medical spa of our kind,” said Moraitis “It is also one of the very best communities that recognizes the importance of supporting local small business. In a close-knit community such as Queen Street East Riverside, for better or for worse — word travels fast. As such, our attention to detail is to ensure that each and every client experience at our clinic meets and exceeds the levels now expected of us.”

When I was first heard about their new Diamond Hydrafacial I wondered if it was something I would benefit from. Currently, Clinique De Mode is the only place in Toronto that offers it, so I was very curious. I had learned that one of the key features of this treatment is the ability to customize to individual needs. I wanted to find out how it can help me manage my primary skincare concerns of pigmentation and age/sun spots, dullness and occasional breakouts. I was really curious about the equipment and not gonna lie, I heard it really gets out the dirt – you can even ask to see what impurities come out if you’re really interested. Apparently not an unusual request.

So, what did I want to know? I asked Moraitis.

What Is A Diamond Hydrafacial?

The Diamond HydraFacial is a non-invasive and multi-level skin treatment that deeply cleanses and exfoliates the skin and removes all dead skin cells to reveal a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. During the treatment, antioxidant serums and hyaluronic acids are infused into the skin to help deliver more personalized results. It combines the Hydrafacial’s signature vortex fusion with Diamond-tip microdermabrasion to help with a deeper clean.

What Does A Diamond Hydrafacial Treat?

I was told the Diamond HydraFacial is a great preliminary measure to help address fine lines and wrinkles as well as other skin ailments including discolouration, brown spots, loose skin, acne and pesky blackheads. The treatment also helps stimulate collagen production which helps your complexion look firmer and brighter.

How long do results last?

CDM team tells me that immediate results generally have a lasting effect if patients practice a good skincare regimen at home. But for the optimum results, they recommended that patients buy a set of treatments of at least three or more, which will allow the skin to improve with each session and allow results to last longer each time with permanent improvements.

Sonya’s Hydrafacial treatment

Any do’s or don’ts we should know before this particular treatment?

The important thing to note is that the HydraFacial is a completely non-invasive treatment that’s safe for all skin types. However, before every appointment, especially for new clients — they will first assess each client’s skin and modify the treatment to accommodate any sensitivities (if necessary).

Also, before heading in for a HydraFacial, clients are advised to stop all retinols and exfoliators one week prior to their treatment and continue to refrain from using them for at least one week after. As well,  avoid direct sun exposure for at least one week prior to their treatment and if they’re experiencing live acne breakouts, wait until this settles down before coming in.

Who would benefit the most from the Diamond Hydrafacial?

“The Diamond Hydrafacial is a versatile treatment that’s beneficial for everyone,” Moraitis tell us. “Especially for those who need extra exfoliation. The diamond tip acts as a wet microdermabrasion that does wonders on the skin for this purpose specifically.”

What’s the difference between this HydraFacial and the others that are offered here – there are several levels?

The differences between each level of Hydrafacial is described on the site. “Transparency is at the heart of everything we do. This is why you can see exactly what you’re getting in each tier of Hydrafacial in order to accurately compare as well as to other treatments in the market. This way you can be confident that you are receiving the very best value for the prices paid,” said Moraitis.

The main differences between the various tiers are with the steps involved in each Hydrafacial. Some include chemical peels, additional booster serums, LED light therapy and more. The Diamond Hydrafacial is our absolute highest level which combines every single a-la-carte/upgrade option available, as well as the diamond tip wet microdermabrasion.

For patients looking to take their experience to the next level, there’s even more a la carte upgrades to choose from such as Perk Eye or Lip services etc.

Recovery/downtime for this particular treatment and expectations?

The great thing about the Hydrafacial treatment is that it’s completely non-invasive and requires zero downtime. Immediately following the treatment, I had very mild redness, but it went away within an hour. I was told that this redness can vary from person to person and it can last anywhere between 1 to 12 hours. “Nevertheless, clients are able to go back to work and continue with their day as normal immediately after their treatment,” said Moraitis.

It’s important to note that the Hydrafacial is not a medical-grade treatment. “It’s a highly sophisticated facial treatment meant to clean out the skin by clearing out blackheads, whiteheads, dry dead skin and relieve congestion in order to reveal bright, radiant skin.”

However, Clinique De Mode does also specialize in more advanced medical-grade treatments for a more targeted approach to specific skin concerns. These tend to have longer downtimes associated. Clients can visit for a consultation.

clinique du mode

What is typically leftover after a diamond facial

How long should you wait between before booking the next treatment?

On average, she suggests that clients book their treatments about one month apart. “For long-lasting results, we definitely recommend purchasing a 3-Package which drastically reduces the cost of each Hydrafacial. With consistent treatments, the long term results continue to improve and last for a longer period of time.”

As it pertains to Hydrafacial, CDM is also recognized as a “Black Diamond Provider” by the Hydrafacial company. “In order to earn this designation of Black Diamond Status (the highest tier of recognition possible), a provider needs to perform a minimum amount of Hydrafacial treatments each and every month. With that being said, Clinique De Mode performs hundreds of Hydrafacials every month, combined with our own special techniques to ensure the best results,” said Moraitis.

So, thoughts?

Clinique De Mode staff is very knowledgable and professional. Location is easy enough to get to at Broadview and Queen — lots of great independent shops and cafes to poke around before or after your service! The Hydrafacial did the deep cleanse that I was hoping for without the traditional extraction methods thanks to the Hydrafacial technology. Yes, I did ask to look at the catchment basin and the esthetician told me my skin was in pretty good shape and very little “dirt” was evident after the vortex extraction. Phew! Different serums were selected based on my needs that day. My skin felt smoother and pores were not as noticeable particularly on my nose where I’ve been most self-conscious about. I left with a lasting healthy glow that took me right into quarantine mode. I’m looking forward to returning.

The Hydrafacial has several levels – Diamond is the highest tier. Single Treatment and Packages available. You can also book an online consultation anytime.

Clinique De Mode is located at 750 Queen Street East, Toronto.

More info available here: www.cliniquedemode.com











*Thank you to Clinique De Mode for inviting us in to experience the results driven Hydrafacial treatments. We’re looking forward to returning soon.