It should come as no surprise that by now, the Ontario government can’t get anything right. Gas pump stickers that don’t stick, new license plates that are unreadable….  Can’t even sell buck a beer.

This is what you’ll get – Orange means one dose and green means you are fully vaxxed – make sure to upload the PDF for dose 2

When they failed to organize mass vaccination, volunteers stepped in and Vaccine Hunters was born. Now,  in an attempt to provide a way to prove vaccine status in order to dine indoors, go to the gym etc, they are giving us a watermarked PDF that any 6 year old with an iPad could edit in Word. They are, presumably, hiring the same temp who designed the easy to edit PDFs, to design some sort of app that may or may not be ready in a month or so instead of just using the systems that are up and running in places like Quebec, so, once again, along come the volunteers!

Thanks to Grassroots, we now have a handy, dandy QR code receipt that taps into the Ontario Health system. You download the useless PDF from the provincial site, you then upload that to and it spits out a reciept with a QR code, your name, date and location of second dose and when scanned, the scanner sees a page that looks like that. Your ID must match the name on the reciept with the QR code or when scanned, you won’t get the checkmark.

If you have an Apple device, you can save it to your wallet. If you don’t have an Apple Phone,  you can save it is an image and print it and carry it with you or can just show it from your phone as an image – I made mine my wallpaper for my locked screen so it’s super easy. I even made a watch face using it so I can use that if I forget my phone in the car.

They are engaging Ontario’s Digital services to make sure this will transition to the official solution when it comes out in October, but do we want to lay bets that the Ford Government just decides to save the money and keep this freebie as the permanent app?

So, to make life easier for everyone, servers, hosts and clients alike, go get yourself this pass from Grassroots Vaccine Ontario.

Thank you to everyone who has spent that last two years volunteering their time, energy, talents to help their community muddle through this pandemic.

This is what the person scanning will see. Nothing more


Follow this link to download your vaccine verification and then upload it and generate your QR code reciept

Lead Photo: Sun Jin Cho