Even though we’ve hosted holiday dinners and parties many times, we seem to like to attempt something new – find a new recipe, add a twist to a traditional, or even start a new one. Then we gotta tackle the gift list. What should you get for grandpa who’s now decided he’s going plant-based? The teacher who has been giving lessons about fair-trade? Teen-aged niece, who’s all of the sudden into K-Pop? Your sister who wants the latest Nintendo Switch games?   If you feel like you’re in a HOLIDAZE, you’re not alone!  Sure, you could go to the internet to search for hours and hours for everything this season,  BUT this fun day came to our attention that will offer up real-time tips chatting with real people! Get ready, the PC Financial Holiday Redemption Holiday Hotline is here!

Help is on its way! On Saturday, December 7 between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm., Canadians are invited to call in and speak with PC Helpers for advice on how to take care of your holiday disasters and queries. They can even advise ways to save money or time during these busy days. And hey, if you call you also have a chance to win PC Optimum Points prizes!

PC Holiday Redemption Hotline: 1-833-909-1281With this in mind, we decided to scour through Google Trends last year during the holiday season to see what people were researching. Here are just a few topics we were curious about…

  • How do you brine a turkey?
  • How do you use a meat thermometer?
  • How do you deep fry a turkey?
  • Popular vegetable side dish recipes?
  • What are the funniest Christmas gifts?
  • What is the meaning behind kissing under the mistletoe?
  • What’s the recipe for baked brie with cranberries?
  • What does thyme look like?
  • Why did the Grinch steal Christmas?
  • Is it okay to regift?

Trust us, we’re going to put this to the test on Saturday!

Our first question…  how do you peel a persimmon?

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