If you’re reading this now…you’re probably panicking with your last minute gift ideas — no, not yet? We often save the hardest gifts to get to the very last minute. As we inch closer Christmas we’re always hoping for some brilliant idea to come along. Usually it magically happens! Okay, and this year seriously throws a major curveball with a little more strategic planning when it comes to shopping. Have no fear! We have our radar on high alert for some pretty fun ideas. My inbox overflows BUT this one was too good not to share. Heineken launches #TheBestieGiftEver  in Canada.

What is it?

Heineken wants to give you the chance to send your bestie the best gift of all — YOU! Well, sorta.

Whether you’re missing a family member, bestie, or even a co-worker Heineken has you covered! How about a chance to send them a cardboard cut-out of yourself? YUP! Since we can’t raise a beer in person, we can be there in other ways!

Head on over to the website (legal drinking age of course) and upload your selfie. Then customize your image in holiday cheer and even include a fun banner. Submit your creation and cross your fingers for the chance to win YOU as a cutout to send to whoever you think is missing you the most.

Pretty creative, we think!

While everyone will receive a digital version upon entry to share with their besties in an e-card or on social, a group of lucky Canadians will win their selfie cardboard cutout and have them delivered to their home just in time to cheer around the Christmas tree or be around for that glitter ball to drop when clock strikes midnight on New Years. Your loved ones might not even notice the difference.

Here’s is Seth Meyers explaining everything..