The Spice Tailor is here, offering ready to heat meals, similar to a Chefs Plate concept, or in other words, the antidote to ordering in. I’m firmly in the ‘don’t beat yourself up camp‘…I don’t get a gold medal for every meal that doesn’t come from a box. A happy home is a safe space, somewhere to create memories with your crew, and not waffle over who did what, or keep score over who did the shopping. I LOVE to cook, create and document my recipes, but everyone needs a break now and again.

The Spice Tailor

I was gifted a trial box of goodies from The Spice Tailor, or as she’s formally known in the UK, Anjum Anand. Frustrated with the syrupy and over-sodium choices stocked on the grocery shelves, Anjum took it upon herself to create a line of proper Indian curries and sauces that in a pinch, you could be proud to serve and share with friends and family. With a wide range of products, Anjum has gone way beyond your basic Butter Chicken (but don’t worry, that’s still included too).

The Spice Tailor

Not one to shy away from spice, the kits come with everything portioned out, you can add as much of the fragrant spice kit as you like, or cast it aside altogether. Don’t do that though- it’s not your typical powdery garam masala, no, these earthy spice kits boast actual recognizable ingredients, a key component to The Spice Tailor’s ethos; authenticity. That’s why it all began in the first place, so go ahead and amp things up by adding in that whole red Guntur chili pepper. The flavours are on point with something you would get from your fave neighbourhood takeaway (my kingdom for a balti house in TO tho, c’mon). The recipes are foolproof, marinate your protein, or, if you’re short on time, toss the two sauces together. Start with spices and oil in a hot pan, add your protein in, simmer, stir, rinse repeat. Daals are delicious too, and even easier to make without the protein. Dishes take less time to make than it does to remember your password for Skip the Dishes. Err, maybe that’s just me.

Stocking your kitchen with some proteins and basics mean you can buck that next takeout temptation. The Spice Tailor’s kits can be found in Longo’s, Sobey’s and few other select stores, but if you’re looking to DIY, start to finish, check out her fabulous cookbook, I Love India, a treasure trove of recipes that read like a love letter.

Anjum Anand’s I Love India