You may have had a tarot card reading, aura reading, palm reading, maybe even a tea leaf reading but have you ever had a love magic reading? (it was actually a s** magic reading but I’m calling it “love” here  because apparent Google algorithms are not happy with us when we use the other word). Recently, I was invited by Lovehoney Canada to experience this unique reading with New York-based astrologer Laura Chung.

Curiousity got me. But I wanted to know what Laura’s story was first. She worked in Manhattan in the corporate world and she has a Masters in Psychology. Successful, sure but like many of us, she was searching for something more meaningful in life. She had travelled the world and met various healers and astrologers along the way.  Laura soon became a certified reiki master teacher, a Kundalini teacher and astrologer helping people with spiritual understandings in practical everyday life teachings.

Using the Natal Chart (exact birthdate, time and location) based on Western astrology is how she conducted her reading for me. The first thing Laura examined what the sky looked like on the date, time and city where I was born.

Laura explains the sun returns each year to the same position of when we were born –our birthdates. For Scorpios, she tells me we are indicative of being super deep and mystical. Mysterious I knew but mystical? Cool. Cool. Do scorpios spin wonders in the bedroom?

I laughed (and blushed on this side of the computer monitor) and screamed “I’m not giving away any secrets!” — to which she replied, “that’s such a Scorpio thing to say!”

What I found interesting was Laura’s mention of a lot of writers that she’s met have the sun in the twelve house – and this is where I am. She continues to explain that the sun is our ego, our vitality. It gives everything life. We revolve around the sun. But being in the hidden twelfth house means I don’t necessarily want to be the centre of attention in a “hey, look at me!” sense, but rather I’d much rather be recognized for what I do. Okay, true.  Laura confirmed in our reading that I’m curious and  driven to look deeper or explore further. Also true.

Okay, so how do I channel the energy into s** magic? I giggled. Laura explains her definition of  s** magic is “transformutation of energy from an energy that may be something you want to transmute into something of your desire in terms of manifestation — if you want to feel better or more empowered. It’s however you want your desired state of being.”

She goes onto explain that everyone’s experience with sex and pleasure is different. It isn’t all necessarily physical either — it can be focused attention and energy breath work into your lower energy centres. It could be the desire to have a passion for life.

The intention of this unique reading is to learn how one can better understand their most intimate relationships, how to elevate one’s self-awareness and what to expect in the coming year — she sees big changes happening in the next year for me. Hmmmm.

Aaron Burden for Unsplash

So, what about you? Astrologer Laura Chung gives us more as we move into the new year. She tells us about each zodiac sign and their behaviours in the bedroom. We’d love to know what you think! We’ve also linked each to sign to one of her recommended adult toys selected specifically for each sign.

Aquarius: Future-forward and tech-savvy. Into pleasure toys because they want to be alone and experiment with dierent gadgets. The androgenous archetype, most likely to experience polyamory, multiple partners, inclusive of all genders and sexual preferences. Suggestion here.

Pisces: The dreamiest sign, super romantic, and idealistic. The archetypes to pleasure themselves or partner(s) with the lights o and possibly have s** in the ocean, or any watery environment. Suggestion here.

Aries: Always-on-the-go, bold, and not afraid to take risks. Would take a travel-sized vibrator with them for a quickie during lunch break to release tension. No time for long foreplay and wants to get it done. Quickly. Suggestion here.

Taurus: If pleasure was a sign it would be Taurus – the most sensual sign and like to take their time, experiencing through all five senses. A Taurus can feel aroused even without genital stimulation. Enjoy lots of foreplay. Suggestion here.

Gemini: Social butterflies that use their hands to communicate. The type to talk dirty and say words of affirmation. Geminis have a sense of curiosity which lends to fun and exploration. Suggestion here.

Cancer: Need to feel safe to open up sexually, both to themselves and with their partners. Tough exo-skeleton that protects their vulnerable insides. One of Cancer’s erogenous zones are the breasts. Suggestion here.

Leo: Bold, love to shine and be the center of attention, are joyful and playful. playful. Unsurprising if Leos masturbated while watching themselves in the mirror (I’m not dragging Leos). Suggestion here.

Virgo: The people of service, healers, and the self-sucient
archetype. Very practical people, so wouldn’t want something too complicated. Love self-care, which is why candles are recommended. Suggestion here.

Libra: An eye for design, aesthetics, and the sign of partnerships. Associated with the scales because balance and harmony are the main energies that Librans crave. Suggestion here.

Scorpio: All about sex magic, the occult, mysticism, sex, money,
and taxes. Scorpio energy is about power, energetic exchange and control. Suggestion here.

Sagittarius: The wild ponies of the zodiac. Love adventure, exploration, and crave novelty – the type to book a trip to have a wild weekend of sex and fun. Suggestion here.

Capricorn: Not known as the sexiest sign, but that might be a misunderstanding. Hard workers who climb the ladder to success. So much drive that they channel into work, but if they find the right person or make time for themselves, they have a very sexual side. Often times, a lot of stamina! Suggestion here.






*Lead in photo credit: Photo by Rhand McCoy/ Unsplash