As anyone with curly hair will know, finding the right product for your hair can be a lengthy and expensive process. Some weigh the hair down, some make the curls go wacky and some just don’t jive with your tresses. The worst are the ones that contain silicone, paraben or sulphates. So, when I find a product that enhances my curls, making them twist and turn in that magical way; I hold onto the product.

Heather for Arbonne – Photo by Libby Roach

I was recently offered the opportunity to try a new the Arbonne True Hair Collection, a Vegan line of hair care products that uses botanical ingredients.  As a longtime fan of the RE9 skincare line, I was excited to hear about these new additions.

It took a few days for my curls to adjust to the new products but I also knew by day 4, I would see if my hair would adapt or reject. Thankfully my hair loved the all natural ingredients and my dullish waves were transformed into cascading ringlets. Test #1 complete.

Test #2 came the next day to see how the hair would react after an intense workout at F45. After a hard workout, I usually exit the building with a fro of frizz. Yet this time, with the help of the Arbonne True Hair Daily Treatment my hair actually looked somewhat decent and there were a few curls left and most hairs were still in place. A nice change from the typical poof that happens.

Test #3, and the final hurdle came with the scent test. My mom has a very sensitive nose and many shampoos overwhelm her. I am glad to report that when I met her for lunch, she was fine with the products and never batted an eye or twitched her nose.

So, it is with confidence that I recommend the trio collection of Arbonne True Hair products. Give it whirl and let us know what you think.

Product details:

Daily Shampoo Formulated with pea protein, sustainably sourced baobab, and ashwagandha root, this low-lather shampoo effectively removes buildup while making hair look and feel naturally luminous, silky and healthy. With plant-based surfactants to gently wash hair without stripping it of essential moisture and a light matcha green tea scent, this shampoo is clean goodness for both hair and scalp. $33

Daily Conditioner This lightweight, moisture-rich formula conditions and detangles, leaving hair feeling soft, smooth and weightless. It features sustainably sourced baobab which helps repair damage by nourishing hair with essential moisture, giving hair a lustrous shine. With a light matcha green tea scent, this is a perfect complement to the collection’s Daily Shampoo. $33

Daily Leave-In Treatment Lock in healthy-looking hair with this anti-frizz and restorative treatment that helps protect against damage caused by environmental and heat styling stress. This Leave-In Treatment works throughout the day, helping to prevent breakage and split ends by strengthening hair with essential moisture. $23