Great wine is easy to find if you know where to look. While your weekly LCBO run may have netted you some approachable finds, Coterie 72 aims to relieve you of the burden of wine shopping altogether. Founder Emily Pearce has created an exclusive to-your-door experience with sought after wines. Of course, some thoughtful extras with her subscription box effort that just launched this fall are great.

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The delivery-based industry of just about anything has exploded since the pandemic. Naturally, people are wary of shopping IRL and are looking to not only knock a chore off their list. For wine shopping specifically, shoppers are seeking unfamiliar wine regions to create wanderlust moments through opening a bottle. And not just any bottle, but an off-the-beaten-path wine, or as Emily exuberantly describes her collection, “Super delicious. Full stop.”

Working as a sommelier for the past ten years at the swanky elite The York Club affords Emily the ability to boast, she’s not shying away from proclaiming Coterie 72 as Canada’s best wine subscription service, one that is set apart by including natural extensions to this wine-soaked lifestyle, food pairings are on-point, but taking it a step further, Emily carefully conjures up movie titles that pair up with each offering. Spotify playlists will be making their debut soon, acting as a hybrid to your Friday night fun. Snacks 🍿 Wine 🍷 Movies 🎥 Music 🎺.

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Most wine subscription boxes offer tasting notes, Coterie 72 offers introspective stories on the wine, the region and the very reason for why the wine was created. Takeout and order-in suggestions, snack-size nibble suggestions and impressively detailed recipes explore the more and engage a certain choose-your-own-adventure ethos. While competitors like Eight Kilos and Gargoyle Wine Club may deliver a similar product, the aesthetic could not be more different, and that’s precisely the look Emily is after.

“We took a lot of time to understand who our clients are, Gen X, and the millennial female market is our core. That’s our #1 who we look to. We have a ton of male customers as well but we have tried to create a product in the market with women in mind. And I think we’ve done a pretty good job.”

Founder Emily Pearce

With cheeky titles that emulate a mood (Surprise was recently featured and Après Ski is up next) instead of just a flashy black box of wine, Emily has created a score of reasons to celebrate making it through the week, inspiring us to hit pause and drink with a purpose, not just to drink with wild abandon. Isn’t that the whole point of drinking anyway?

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All images by Libby Roach. Interview may be edited for length or clarity.