Holidays are looking a lot different this year, but one thing remains the same. We all gotta eat. And while your dinner table will be smaller this year, your heart is just as big. Gourmet gifts are always a welcome treat, and this year, a safe bet when you consider the obstacles in shopping or seeing people to hand-over the goods. Links are loaded, so online shopping is easy.

Here’s our gourmet gift guide for 2020.

Kit Kat Chocolatory

kit kat chocolatory

This lovely chocolate emporium may be in lockdown mode at Yorkdale, but don’t let that hold you back from your favourite festive finds, this year, Kit Kat bring some nostalgic and familiar finds back just in time for the holidays. Spiced Gingerbread Cookie and Peppermint Bark offer festive flavours all in bite-sized bar fun.

Elysha Varenbut Sweets

Elysha Varenbut Sweets

These beautiful creations (lead photo as well) are a lovely edible gift to ship to anyone in Toronto, and a large canvas of Ontario too. Opt for the festive berry collection, perfect for Chanukah or Christmas gifting. Owner Elysha can also create custom berries for a sweet message to your long-lost friend or family. It’s 2020, so that’s pretty much everyone right?

Mary MacLeod Shortbread

mary macleod shortbread

Mary MacLeod’s Shortbread Cookies are synonymous with Toronto treats, and now this year Mary’s back and gluten-free, virtually indistinguishable from their gluten-heavy siblings, these cookies are a treat for anyone who misses the real thing, just in time for the holidays. Snap yours up, shipping is free after $75.

Zambonelli Dukkah

zambonelli dukkah

Owner Julie Zambonelli discovered Dukkah while on travels to Australia and was instantly smitten with this seedy, spicy, savoury topper. There’s as many uses for this sensational snack as there are ingredients in it- so save yourself the effort and opt in for Julie’s mix instead. Available at Sanagan’s Meat Locker and Summerhill Market.

Lucky Iron Fish

lucky iron fish

While this is absolutely not edible, it is an excellent add-in for soups, stocks, chilis or curries, adding in one Lucky Iron Fish amps up the iron naturally in your food. One fish lasts 5 years, boosting foods, or even just water to ensure you’re not low on this vital nutrient. $50 for either Leaf or Fish shapes.

tea pigs

tea pigs

teapigs is known around the world for its extraordinary tea collections. Their advent calendar brings 24 delightful days of tea blends, from sublime rooibos creme caramel to liquorice and peppermint or popcorn tea, the collection is like a hug in a mug– consider grabbing a second for yourself, and setting up a daily tea-time with a long-lost pal to connect for a cuppa. $49.99

Organic Traditions

organic traditions

This advent calendar packs 12 days of tempting dairy-free instant tea and latte love! Each day rewards you with a warming nourishing mug including premium Matcha and loose leaf teas, probiotic-rich lattes and superfood fun. A hit for anyone missing their daily coffee runs. $24.99.

Nutmeg Disrupted

Redawna specializes in rare and beautiful chocolate and confectionary treats. Based in Alberta, this industry veteran got her start on the show Recipes to Riches, drawing praise from the judges for her Almond Brittle. Her delectable desserts are a lovely inclusion for any sweet table, with truffles, cookies and of course, brittles making for beautiful gifts. Prices vary, email for ordering.

Jewels Under the Kilt

jewels under the kilt

Elizabeth founded this cheeky company after moving from the city to find joy in farm living. She found it, with her partner Michael, in Fergus, Ontario. The self-proclaimed nut-addict, Elizabeth took to task on her working farm, planting an orchard and creating Jewels Under the Kilt, a line of nut-based snacks that pair the nutrition of nuts with a sweet and salty side of snacking. We’re smitten with the Sweet Whisky Pecan or Spicy Caesar Walnut. Prices start at $4.99 and her nuts are also carried at fine food purveyors like Eataly or Organic Garage.

Bad Dad Tea

bad dad tea

A dry sense of humour and a love of tea are two things that make my British-heritage shine, and both are on full display in the Bad Dad Tea collection. Organic Ceylon teas are fair-trade and come with original packaging featuring cartoons on each sachet, ensuring your mug is smiling while you’re waiting to fill it. Become a member of the tea club, every new subscription results in a donation of a box of tea to a front-line health care worker. Boxes start at $7.00.

KIND Snacks

A KIND Snack bar and an orange are two-holiday traditions in my house- a simple reminder that nutrition shouldn’t be an afterthought, and it’s pretty easy to start the day with something a little sweet, but still packed with protein to endure the chaos of Christmas. Build a custom box or a subscription for your sweetheart, KIND is rolling out new deals every week here.


File this one under Boxing Day, because every single year I’m a dehydrated disaster! Hydralyte is the elixir of life, packed with electrolytes and waaaay less sugar than other sports drinks, All-Natural Electrolyte Powder is our favourite way to bounce back. Look for Hydralyte at your local Shoppers Drug Mart.

All photos by Libby Roach.