I’ve been getting myself kinda organized for the holiday season. With a niece and nephew (they also have birthdays this coming month, eeek!) that are still into toys, I needed to find out what’s hot. Someone told me about LOL dolls but I had to Google that to find out what they were. It’s amazing how many of us hit up Google to do our research. In fact, recent studies show that many of use are starting our holiday shopping research on the internet.

Google Canada invited us into their offices recently to gain insight into consumer behaviour at this time of year and, of course, what’s everyone searching up!  Here’s what we learned…

The way we shop has changed. Remember those days when we would set aside days for holiday shopping? We would spend an entire day roaming the mall with little, or no idea of what to get anyone one our lists. We knew our budgets but it would take hours, if not days, to get comparison shop and get the right gifts. Today, we can take care of those researching needs online before heading out to the mall or make the purchase  online .

But there’s no denying, with the ease of “Googling” we’ve become more accustomed to researching more than ever before to satisfy our curiosity. But we’ve also become  more impatient and more demanding. We want it. Now. Am I right?

With everyone getting more comfortable with their mobile devices, we are also becoming more efficient with searching up locations of nearby stores instead of wandering throughout the city looking for merchandise we want or need. We’re also searching up order and delivery deadlines to get gifts on time.

The search trends are fascinating to us. Around this time of year, early to mid November, we’re mostly searching overall items and finding some early sales. Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are becoming more enticing here in Canada to nab some of those hot deals especially on electronics and clothing.

According to Google Trends, online searches are happening right up to Christmas Day. In fact, in 2016, searches peaked Christmas Eve on “where to buy”. Yep, we’re still procrastinators!

Google Trends also tells us that 77% of in-store purchase involve some online research.  By the way, the most Googled toy last year in Canada was the Nintendo NES Classic. We’re you one of them? I was…and I had no luck! I waited way too long!

What else are we looking up? Most definitely what grocery stores are still opened? or drug stores (last minute shoppers, hurrah!) and even where to eat.

Okay, so about the toys…what’s already gaining attention this holiday season?  Big trends are already surprising us with an increased interest in ’80s themed toys. Think Barbie, Jump Ropes, and Ghostbusters. Tactile toys are also very popular as parents and other gift givers are interested in shifting to more simplistic toys. Of course, Lego is always a favourite but noted are interests in the Lego Taj Mahal and Lego Women of NASA kits. But Ty Beanie Babies? That was a surprise!

Here are some recent findings of the most popular recent toy searches. Anything surprise you?