It’s summer! Ice cream is on our minds – not gonna lie, I’ve been indulging a lot lately. I swear I’m trying to get in my 8000 steps each day. Balance. Right? Hey, it’s unusual times so no apologies for all the sweet treats! Last month, while the temperature started to rise and Canadians were spending more time at home, searches for ‘homemade ice cream’ reached an all-time high. Ahead of National Ice Cream Day (July 19) Google Canada reveals some fun and interesting trends in Canada.

But, we are SO curious…why so many searches for Vanilla? Unless it’s about ice cream made with real Vanilla pods, Tahitian Vanilla or maybe French Vanilla?

Here’s what we’ve learned from the recent findings!

The Most Searched Ice Cream How To’s:

1.How to make homemade ice cream
2.How to make ice cream in a bag
3.How to make vanilla ice cream
4.How to make ice cream cake

The Most Searched Ice Cream Types:

1.Ice cream cake
2.Homemade ice cream
3.Keto ice cream
4.Mochi ice cream
5.Vegan ice cream

This beauty we made with Sweet N’ Nice Ice Cream. Photo credit: Sonya Davidson

Now, who’s in the mood for some ice cream? If you’re around Toronto and want to explore the Ice Cream scene, here are some of my personal favourites:

Death in Venice Gelato: (1418 Dundas Street West and available at fine food stores) If you can get your hands on a pint of this wickedly good gelato, you won’t regret it! The brick and mortar ice cream shop typically has 10-15 housemade flavours daily. Trust us when we say you’ll want to grab whatever you can. Knock out flavours include Saffron Vanilla Ginger, White Chocolate & Hibiscus, Ricotta Lemon Rosemary and Bourbon& Smoked Chocolate. They also have vegan/non-dairy flavours including Beetroot Rosewater & Lime, Honeydew Melon & Mint, Chocolate & Sour Cherry, Peach Prosecco Bellini and more.

Wong’s Ice Cream: (Broadview and Gerrard) incredible flavours that rotate often. Try Lychee Lemonade Sorbet, White Rabbit (a favourite childhood candy), Oolong Watermelon Sorbet, and Black Sesame Salted Duck Egg — no really. It’s good!

Kekou Gelato: (394 Queen Street West) classic Asian desserts and flavours dreamed into fresh gelato. Favourites include Hong Kong Milk Tea, Green Bean Coconut, Osmanthus Plum Berry, Thai Ice Tea and Vietnamese Coffee.

Sweet N’ Nice Ice Cream : pop up this summer at Stackt Market and also available in select stores across the country. Rum & Raisin, Mango and Pineapple Coconut transport us to beautiful Trinidad with Grandpa Neale’s family recipes. We recently wrote about them!

YelloFruit available at select grocers – technically not actually made with cream or milk products but bananas! Great alternative to those who prefer a vegan icy treat that scoops just like ice cream and full of flavour!  Mango, Chocolate and Strawberry. We recently wrote about them, too!

Dutch Dreams: (Avenue & St. Clair) over the top soft serve loaded with goodies at this landmark Forest Hill ice cream shop. It’s not ice’s ice cream dreams. Step inside and it will feel kinda nostalgic for the good ‘ol days. Try flavours like Moosedroppings, 6ix Buzz, Toronto Traffic Jam, Drake’s Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Unicorn. All of the flavours are Kosher too.

Where do you love to go for ice cream or gelato? Let’s show them some love too! Let us know!




*Google Canada Trends data from January to July 10, 2020