I can certainly use an extra set of hands and someone to keep me organized everyday and Google Mini may just be the sweetest little personal assistant ever! But it’s not just cute, it’s got the brains too. A recent visit to the Google Canada office and seeing this helpful device in action made me have all the #wants.

Google Mini is the most recent addition to the Google Home assist series of devices for everyday life. Literally the size of a donut, the Google Mini can comfortably fit into active space like your kitchen or office space. It’s really the perfect size to help you get to your daily list of craziness.

Just say “Hey Google” and this device activates and responds to what you need it and when you need it. Sure you can command it to play music off your phone and tell you what’s on your calendar for the day but what else?

“Hey Google, open Tender” — as in bartender (not Tinder, but you can probably try that too) to find out how to mix your favourite cocktail or even say “I’m feeling like something with lime and tequila.” Google, is actually affiliated with the third party app Tender to open up your world of drinkypoos! Recipe is shared and if you need a YouTube video for step-by-step instructions, Google can do that as well by instructing your television to start streaming relevant content. Cool, right? Google assist can also walk you through step by step voice instructions so you’re hands free.

“Hey Google, I need to meditate” and it will launch into the popular mediation app HeadSpace to guide you through your session.

Need to find out what time the grocery store closes? The Google assist will located the nearest location to you and let you know the hours. Another handy shopping help, you’re looking for that special Nintendo game release for your nephew and it’s only available at the Best Buy en route to they gym? You can tell Google assist to add it to your calendar on your mobile phone and remind you when you’re within range of the store.

Need something translated into another language? Google assist will not only give that to you but with the proper accents in the right places!

Not sure if you need a jacket? “Hey Google” that too and get local weather conditions.

Fun for dinner parties, you can activate Google assist to help with your random trivia questions — why is there someone always at the dinner party who has that kind of information in their head? Get clear answer to help stump Uncle John.

That’s all just the tip of the iceberg. I’ll be playing around with my Google Home more to see what else we can do.

Google Mini comes in a few colours. Suggested Retail price is $79.99 at (but FYI…I just checked online this morning and it’s on a Black Friday sale already at bestbuy.ca at $39.99 sale ends December 14, 2017).