Covet-able, crave-able, undeniably reserved for the nice list, Auburn Lane’s list of top gifts for the foodie flock feature gear, gadgets and good times.
Spoiler alert, if you’re reading this and on my list, you may want to stop now!
From Fancy to Frugal, here’s our list of Foodie Finds for your gift gazing.
For the Wine-o
This one tops the list! A night out with the angels is a good time, but a year long commitment makes for an impressive gift! iYellow Wine Club VIP Insiders is now offering VIP memberships good for a year of gallivanting with some of the funnest and knowledgeable ladies on the wine scene. $499

iYellow Wine Club- Ang Aiello

For Home Chef
This sexy little number almost makes you want to leave the dishes out. The All-Clad Copper-Core Sauté Pan is a sleek stainless steel pan gets the classy treatment courtesy a pop of copper, which of course conducts heat brilliantly for more even cooking and all that science stuff. $400

All-Clad Saute Pan

For the Coffee Connoisseur
A great stocking stuffer or teacher gift, a reusable Nespresso Mug is always the ticket. Toss in a few colourful Vertuo pods and a tiny little bottle of hooch and you’ll make just the right impression. $25

For the Condiment King
This little token hits the sweet spot. Kitschy and unique, this adorable ornament makes a perfect topper for a tree, or use it to wrap a gift for that added touch. Snap them up at Drake General Store. $15

For the Syrup Sucker
Have you ever considered building a tiny house for someone? The nuances and subtle design flaws features mean you can customize something truly personal and loving with a tiny mini budget. We built this kit from Lee Valley Tools and adorned it with sugar shack like features for the Elf in your life. $12.50
Lee Valley Tools

Lee Valley Tools

For the Chocolate Snob
Consider the chocolates from CXBO equal parts art and dessert. A great gift for the gourmand in your life, Brandon Olsen’s whimsical creations are guaranteed to wow even Count Chocula himself. $9


For the Jam or Marmalade Lover
What’s the difference between the two? You’ll never have to sort that question for yourself with a collection of 24 tiny jams (and honey!) in a delightfully arranged Bonne Maman advent calendar. If all else fails, a jar of Dulce de Leche is a close second. $4.99 and up
Bonne Maman

Bonne Maman