If you’re anything like me, the first few rounds of the season can be less than pretty (and if we’re being honest, peppered with expletives) but a few sessions at Swing Golf Lounge could mean a first outing to be proud of – with better shots and fewer strokes.

Sip and eat

Located in Etobicoke near Sherway Gardens, Swing Golf Lounge is virtual indoor golf at its most comfortable. The setting is resto: Think bar, great food, and TV screens playing, well, golf, but also soccer, and hockey. Swing’s draw though is its six private bays, including one for teaching, set up with Trackman 4, the same technology used by the world’s best professional tour players to refine their game.

Virtual golf course

You use your clubs (or rent) and a regular (provided) golf ball. Instead of hitting the ball down the fairway, you hit a ball into an on-screen virtual golf course about 11 feet in front of you. The system tracks your golf club as you swing then tracks the ball from impact to the screen. If you’ve ever dreamed of teeing off at the Old Course at St. Andrew’s or PGA National, you can do it virtually, here.

Better than a beer cart

Whether you play solo or prefer to make your session more social with friends or family (kids are welcome to play with adult supervision), this is a great place to work on your drives, learn the game, celebrate a birthday or for a different Girls’ Night Out.

“We envisioned Swing Golf Lounge as the perfect place to enjoy golf all year round, whether learning, practicing or playing a course with friends. Here you can chuckle about the errant shots; the balls lost in the trees or on another fairway,” says Keith Jolly, co-owner Swing Golf Lounge. “Our motto is play, learn, eat, drink…365!”

Check out Swing Golf Lounge and tell them Auburn Lane sent you!