There’s been a rapidly growing interest discovering, or rediscovering, our creative souls. No surprise that time at home has contributed to the increase across the country. We saw it through our Facebook friends and shares on other social media platforms. It brought us lots of joy watching this all blossom and unfold. Some even have turned their creations into side-hustles and we’re here for it!

Cricut, the very popular cutting machine, saw a dramatic increase over the past few years as home-crafters, makers, right through to artists have explored endless uses. In fact, Cricut reported that the category itself more than doubled during the pandemic. It went from making fun cards, and t-shirt transfers to intricate 3D sculptures and designs. Thanks to fun, hands-on demos in places such as the One of a Kind Show here in Toronto, the brand has firmly positioned itself as a machine that’s easy to use, affordable and worth the investment. Hey, we’ve seen quite a few friends finding creative ways to make a decent “side hustle” during the pandemic!

The company has built a platform for all levels of artist skills making it one of the most approachable and savvy art tools around.cricut

And the Cricut community fully supports everything it can do. In 2022, the company clocked in a whopping 7 million Cricut Members and have also reported more than 400,000 projects shared within the Cricut Design Space.

One might think that’s a heck of a lot of suburban moms behind the machines but in fact the demographic is diverse and continues to evolve! Creativity knows no boundaries! We’re seeing more and more artists, art teachers and young creative types taking to the space.

At a recent event, Cricut introduced the latest materials to their already impressive line up. Yes, you can still make beautiful cards, t-shirts, mugs and dog bandanas but at the event at the Art Gallery of Ontario revealed much more to inspire both newbies and experienced cutting machine users.cricut spring 2023 photo sonya d

Colour-changing and Reflective Vinyl and Iron-on

This colour changing vinyl was by far the coolest innovation. When the material is temperature activated (UV-Activated IO) the colours come to life. Iron-on application makes is a versatile option great even for customizing sneakers!

Vinyl, Iron-on, Linerless Transfer Tape

Comes in a variety of skin tones for more options and great for everyday iron ons (3 new colours added)

Smart Labels

This new writable vinyl offers even more options to customize items ad the Cricut Smart Label paper is also dissolvable.


cricut event - ago - spring

Where can you find more project inspo? 

When you join the Cricut realm there’s a plethora of resources! From learning on the website, on-demand videos, live workshops, inspiration from popular and established artists (love this!), social media platform inspo/shares and even a beginner Facebook group — there’s support for every step of the creative journey. The Cricut Design Space actually sees over 700,000 visitors each day!

Stay tuned as we explore what we can do with Cricut on our IG page.

Also…how cool is this?