Men can be difficult to shop for. If your partner is anything like mine, he’ll buy himself whatever they want, on a whim, and rarely drop any hints or leave catalogs around (are those still a thing?). And if you’re anything like me, you haven’t even started thinking about shopping yet. With the holidays in full swing, we rounded up some pristine presents to impress even the most elusive elf.

Campy Candles
Handmade in Almonte, Ontario, Campy’s whiff worthy scents offer an array of manly treasures, from piney The Holidays, or Coming Home, a mix of fur and apple. Made of 100% soy means clean living candles, and at $18.99 they make for a nice gift for the bro-buddy you know, or a stocking stuffer for your sweetie.

Campy Smells Like

Ziggy Boots
Leather with function zip at side, this boots almost guarantee it’s going to be a wild night out. A splurge worthy $589 might seem steep, but quality counts, and these boots are built to last, with a rubber outsole and stacked heel. And bonus, if your shoe sizes line up, you can take them out for a test drive.

Tiger of Sweden

Rossignol Black Ops 98 Ski
If your boy toy’s skis have seen better days, or decades possibly, move mountains and spring for skis. Sure, he’ll have to go get bindings done, but sometimes you just gotta force the issue. It’s like that terrible pair of Dad Jeans, donate, move on and set them up with something nice. $799.95

Best Day Ever Skis- Photo credit-

Joi Candle Powered Lamp
Looking for a unique gift that will bring out their inner engineer? The Joi Candle Powered Lamp will have them analyzing and inspecting for hours. Using a single tea light, this lamp, with 8 LED lights, will be powered up within minutes and will cast a glow that will illuminate your patio or romantic night by the fireplace. $129.00

JOI Lamp from Lee Valley Tools

Xbox Duke Controller
Gamers will appreciate the update on the new Duke Controller for Xbox One and Windows 10. This big, badass controller takes no prisoners with it’s OG oversize design, and back to basics Black (RB) and White (LB) buttons. Old school gamers will love it’s size, a comfortable throwback that will keep them playing for extra innings. Wait, maybe that’s a bad thing. From $69.96 at Amazon.

Xbox Duke Controller