A first-of-its-kind immersive art installation is currently on display at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre. Local multidisciplinary artist, Moya Garrison-Msingwana, also known as GANGBOX has partnered with Canada Goose to create a large-scale installation inspired by their shared values of craftsmanship and sustainability.

Made of upcycled Canada Goose fabrics and materials, Stitched in Ages is a visual representation of the brand’s purpose in action with the upcycled figures serving as a physical representation of the importance of the human impact on our environment.


The installation was inspired by Moya’s LAUNDRY painting series, which he tells us explores the human body intertwining with fabric and various textiles as an illusionary extension of a persona. “To me, the use of fabrics and what we wear are an expression of who we are, but it goes beyond that. It speaks to our impact on the environment and leaving the planet better than we found it. Sustainability is educating and inspiring the next generation to do just that, and for me, that commitment to sustainability is through my art.”

Stitched in Ages was born out of a shared passion for the environment, specifically the importance of educating people on the human impact on our environment and wonderment of exploring in nature,” said Moya. “Working closely with the team at Canada Goose, I was able to gain access to highly durable and protective materials which our fabricators at Heavy Flow, Unit 5 Design and I then upcycled to create a variety of armor-like sculptures and seating for the Canada Goose HUMANATURE platform. The goal of the installation is to show people that fast fashion is unsustainable and to prove the necessity of durable materials in a creative way.”

canada Goose - gangbox

Moya tells us he always knew Canada Goose as a luxury parka brand but wasn’t familiar with their HUMANATURE platform. “I was pleasantly surprised to see how far the brand goes to ensure they are working to minimize their impact on the environment through the use of preferred fibers and materials and through their promise of designing for a lifetime, not just a season. The installation actually represents that belief and each figure is composed of the highest quality materials, upcycled, extending the life of excess fabrics.”

Where to see it:

Stitched in Ages is on view now through June 26th in the North Orchard at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre. It consists of 3D 6 to 9 foot-tall figures – a visual representation of the brand’s – and Moya’s – purpose in action.