Stockings hung by the chimney with care in hopes that someone who’s organized will soon be there. To be honest I didn’t grow up with stockings nor did we have a fireplace to hang them. I didn’t really grasp the tradition until I had spent or Christmas morning with my husband’s family. Each member had their stocking a large knitted missing ski sock is what I can remember. It was fun to see what was pulled out – toothbrush, soap, candy, small toys, magazine or a crossword puzzle book or the latest paperback novel, a lottery ticket, and always a clementine. The tradition has carried forward with our kids and it’s still just as fun to open.

Shopping for these items (I mean helping Santa source these items) can be a chore.  With making lasting memories in mind, we’ve been on the look out for fun things and even some from years past that have found their way back this holiday season.Pound Puppies anyone?

Here are some stocking stuffers we’ve sourced throughout the summer with ‘Toy Insiders’ and worth keeping an eye out for when you’re shopping!

Know of someone little who LOVES to pop bubble wrap? Pop It! Is the take anywhere sensory popping game that keeps little hands busy in the car, at grandmas, anywhere they need to wait and learning fine motor skills. Older kids may also want to play a game (instructions included). For ages 3+Beyblade Burst Rise Hypersphere has a few new tops added to the collection for fans who are ready for battle. Some have specialized Hypersphere Performance Tips designed to climb the vertical wall of the Beystadium, speed along the brink, and drop in on opponents for fun battles. Roblox Noob Attack Mech Mobility collectible action figure. Designed by whimy, this noob is ready to rumble in his very own heavily armored mech. includes exclusive virtual item code.Rainbow Jellies is great for kids who love to make their own slime. This kit includes so many ‘squishabilities’ to create your own characters including keychains, hairpieces, charms and more. Comes with instructions For ages 6+My first puppy love was about Pound Puppies now the sweet little plush puppy newborns have returned with adoption papers too!  The soft adorable furry babies can’t wait to get into a loving home. Classic sizes are also back on the toy shelves for the holiday season. For ages 3+Puzzle mania continues during the pandemic and look no further than Kodak Premium Puzzles to offer more vivid, richer and truer colours to their kits. For ages 6+
The UpsideDown Challenge Game is a lot of fun. The world is flipped upside down when viewed through the goggles. Hilarious as family and friends do the challenges like high-fiving, pouring water from one glass to another, and drawing. There are 25 challenge cards included but once you get the hang of it, you’ll want to create your own. For ages 8+
Always a hit, Playmobil and Calico Critters assorted figures to collect. FGTEEV mini figures are based on the wildly popular Family Gaming team (they also have their own YouTube channel – go check out the latest Among Us video clip). Slinky will always be a go-to for all ages – dazzle young kids with the step trick – remember that? And Bubbles To Go is an easy stocking stufffer (just don’t mistake it for your juice and apple sauce packs).
This collectible figure is an extension of the Stikbot franchise. With this collectible figure, you can bring your imagination to life through stop-motion video. Download the free app to create animation and then share it with friends! For ages 4+.My son loved Blue’s Clues when he was a tot. So, Blue the Dog naturally has a soft spot in my heart. Literally. Now a whole new generation is tuning into the Nickelodeon famed show and the life lessons it brings. Blue is a happy and fun plushie that is the perfect size for toting around. For ages 3+
Sometimes we just need a little buddy by our side and the adorable line of shoulderkins helps keep us company. The super soft plush animals stay in place with sewn-in magnets. For ages 3+.
Kid Trax is an award-winning battery powered ride toy manufacturer who takes creativity and play to the next level. This Real Rigs 200-piece jigsaw puzzle carries over the fun for those days we need to stay indoors. For ages 3+
OH MY GIF! Because we can’t get enough of our GIFs! This surprise box includes a physical toy as well as a code to enter to make your GIF come to life. Create stickers and use on your photos with augmented reality (AR) and add on your own words just for fun. The box transforms into a mini stage too.