So, it’s almost the end of December and I’ve put the latest Silk’n Solutions TITAN Skin Tightening device to the test for almost two months. I wrote about my first impressions at the beginning of November and promised I’d get back to you once I’ve given this serious review time. You should read that first here. The only way for any reviewer to be trusted is to know they took the time and follow appropriate instructions. We’re not going to rush to tell you anything is worth it if we haven’t tried it ourselves!

This device recently came into the Canadian marketplace from Silk’n a beauty technology company that began 10 years ago when a group of scientists, engineers and other professionals came together to create devices that people could use at home.  The team were already known for their achievements in developing devices for cosmetic surgeons. Think Intense Pulse Light (IPL) technology, Radio Frequency, Infrared Heat, LED Red Light and Blue Light technology that is all commonly used in office. Today, the global award-winning line includes devices for hair removal, anti-aging, cellulite and acne treatment that has all been clinically tested and proven by renowned dermatologists and cosmetic physicians.

The TITAN price tag is $299 (CDN). If you’re gasping at the price, just know that if you’ve ever been to a cosmetic surgeon, dermatologist or medi-spa, this non-invasive at-home treatment is much easier on the wallet. I’ve admitted before that I have visited one for a few years so I was keen to see if it would be as effective. I was already paying enough for ongoing treatments at my doctor’s office.

Silk'n Solution

So, what is it? The TITAN is a new skincare that claims to tighten and lift your skin as well as to reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as sunspots by restoring your skin’s natural collagen regeneration ability. It’s touted as an “anti-aging” device but really, we’re not against ageing necessarily we understand it’s a commonly used phrase that most women (and men!) would relate to.

How does it work? I’ve learned that certain cells in our body produce collagen and elastin, which helps our skin renew itself. As we get older, it gets harder for our bodies to produce these cells aka fibroblasts. For me, it was noticeable. I had no problems with my skin in my 20s and 30s and now looking back, I know I was careless rather than carefree.  Then all of the sudden in my 40s, BAM! My skin started showing signs of sunspots and then the laugh lines started appearing out of nowhere (yes, I’m calling them laugh lines) — they really caught me off guard, especially in the past year. What are those lines near your eyes called? Crows feet? I just noticed those too. Ugh.

Silkn' Solutions Titan Skin Tightening Device

This is me with no make up just before I started (taken late October)using Silkn’ Solutions Titan Skin Tightening Device. No filter. No foundation. No make up (other than lips and eyeliner).

The TITAN device stimulates the damaged cells first through three sources of energy to help regenerate them with its “harmonized” energy technology that goes beneath the skin to activate your body’s natural restoration process by stimulating and repairing collagen and elastin fibres.  The device itself has five settings of heat. It’s recommended to ease in when you start and graduate with what your skin can tolerate. I immediately started at level 3 and then moved onto level 4 pretty quickly. After two weeks I went full strength on level 5 and have remained there. It warms up nicely and well, it’s winter so I don’t mind. Nothing uncomfortable but it’s important to keep it moving and not stay in one place, k? 

There is a moisturizing water-based sliding gel that must be used with the device otherwise it won’t work. You can use any other similar gel of your choice but it’s important to use something to not only help glide the device smoothly on your skin but it also helps to prevent overheating on your skin. The face treatment areas are in the instructions and you need to work on each area for a minimum of 10 minutes consistently. And that’s the key! To keep the warming sensation consistent! The device lights up red when it’s activated.

I need to set aside an hour and a half twice a week to treat the areas. This was my biggest challenge. It’s hard for me to sit still and be near a comfortable electrical outlet. But that’s when Netflix comes in handy.

So, immediately after each treatment, I felt tightening of the skin. The first few times I had wondered if I just believed it did. But after a few weeks, I consistently had the same feeling. By the way, after each treatment, you gently wash your face to remove any excel gel and apply a lotion — just like what I do after my skincare office visits. I have sensitive skin so, I’ve really enjoyed using Image Skin Care VITAL C Hydrating Intense Moisturizer that nourishes your skin without feeling heavy. It’s also ideal for skin that is redness-prone. For cleansing I’ve been using Image Skin Care The Max Facial Cleanser with plant stem cell extracts and botanicals — it’s also acid-free, sulphate free and Paraben free so it’s gentle enough to use daily. If you’re heading outside soon after a treatment, it’s best to also apply sunscreen to avoid sun damage to your skin, just like after any skin care treatment.

If you’re wondering, there’s no “downtime” or recovery time after you do a treatment at home. You may experience a slight pinkness to your skin but that goes away pretty quickly. And you won’t feel like Samantha– remember that one episode of Sex in the City after she had a treatment go wrong at her medi-spa? Her lobster face? That won’t be you.

I know you’re also wondering if it’s safe to use. I asked as well. Before I started, I immediately asked and they responded very quickly. I was told the TITAN at-home handled device has been clinically tested, FDA and Health Canada cleared and proven to safely tighten facial skin from the inside out. According to their product information guide, it’s a healthy alternative to invasive anti-aging procedures and can be used on the forehead, cheeks, upper lip area, chin, jawline, neck and around the eyes.

About a month into using the TITAN, a close friend of mine commented on a noticeable improvement in my skin without prompting. No kidding. She noticed a better appearance and my skin not looking so tired. The next day she mentioned she had looked into getting one for herself. I’ll have to follow up and see what she ended up doing. UPDATE: Saw her yesterday and she indeed ordered the device online (spotted a  promotion for the holidays) and has already used it for two weeks now and she reports the immediate tightening feel after each treatment that last her a few days.

Taken on December 19, 2017. No filter. No Foundation. No make up (other than lips and eyeliner). Less fine lines on cheeks and forehead. Sunspots actually seem to be fading? And those crow’s feet lines? Maybe they are slightly diminishing?

And another shot no filter. no make up.

Confession time. So, I went off the schedule for one week. I just couldn’t find the time to sit down for a straight hour and a half to do a full treatment. That’s when I realized that consistency is important to see results. Life happens, right? But I realized that it was not going to end the world and resumed the following week. It’s okay. I’m back to schedule again and noticing that my skin is responding well to the bi-weekly treatments. The instructions say that after the first 10 weeks, you can just use it once a week to maintain.

The finer lines are subtly but noticeably starting to diminish without a doubt and the texture of my skin is smoother. But the deeper crows feet lines around my eyes probably won’t go away. Not sure if this, or any other device or doctor, could remove them completely without something more invasive like injections and fillers. But that’s okay, they are smile lines I’ll gladly keep! I’ll continue to use the device as recommended!

Silk’n Solutions TITAN is available online, The Bay, Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique.

So, here I am with my friend Rick last weekend. No filter. But I am wearing Origins SPF40 Energy-Boosting Tinted Moisturizer. My go-to as it just does everything I need in one quick application.  I never leave home without wearing sunscreen now that I know my skin is very sensitive to any sun exposure and I don’t want to reverse all the hard work I’ve put into trying to repair previous sun damage. Plus it doesn’t smell like SPF.


*The Silk’n Solutions Titan device was offered to me for an honest review. That’s really important to us here. This is not a sponsored post. We thought you should know that.