Canada Day is a day of glory for us Canucks, the official kickoff of summer, the day where we smugly and openly toast to our northern-ness, and celebrate our status as the best place to live on earth. Too much? Nah, not today friends. Whether you’re celebrating up at a cottage, down in the city at a killer rooftop soaking up the fireworks, or just lounging in a hammock obsessing about the NHL Trade deadline, enhance your syrup sucking ways and embrace your inner hoser. Amp up your Canadian pride by going whole hog on some authentic Great White North gear that is sure to impress. Here’s our fave ways to celebrate Canada Day.

No 99 Rye Lager

Beer is a natural source of Canadian pride. And The Great One doesn’t disappoint with his brew dubbed No. 99 Rye Lager from Wayne Gretzky Craft Brewing. The beer is brewed with rye grain for a distinctly full bodied lager, a perfect compliment to whatever you’re throwing on the BBQ. 5% alc/vol keeps the party in check, this beer is a balanced and polished effort from the number 99 himself.

Maple Key Butter Tarts

Quite honestly the most impressive butter tart I’ve ever had, the Maple Key Butter Tarts by Rachel Smith and Jean Parker, aka The Baker Sisters are a thing of glory. The dough is buttery and just a little crumbly, barely containing the gooey filling- they are just so spot on. In classic, raisin, pecan, and maple walnut fillings, the tarts are available in the city at Evergreen Brickworks Farmers Market, Trinity Bellwood’s Artisanal Market, Leslieville Flea, PEC’s Wellington Farmers Market and many more locations throughout the GTA. Find these tarts. Sharing optional.

Signal Hill Whisky

There’s nothing quite so Canadian as Signal Hill, the monument in Newfoundland just outside of St. John’s serves as a perfect moniker for this deluxe whisky bearing its name. The three step barreling process means Signal Hill Whisky goes the distance to ensure their whisky has a lovely mouth feel and finish. Using glacier-rich NL waters to distill, this is a whisky to share with friends around the fire all on its own, or blend with some bar basics for smart and sophisticated cocktails.

CLIF Smoothie Filled Fruit Bar

If a road trip or hike is in your weekend plans then think ahead on the snack front and stow a few CLIF Fruit Smoothie Filled Bars into your stash. There’s nothing worse than a pit-stop for snacks, so grab something that satisfies with protein, fruit and the right mix of carbs. CLIF bars are made in Canada to boot, so you can feel good about these patriotic protein bars, which come in fruity flavours like Tart Berry Cherry, Strawberry Banana and Wild Blueberry Acai.

Cooking with Canola Oil

Canola Oil is Canada’s oil; it’s pure, loaded with heart healthy omega 3 fats and low in saturated fats. Invented in Canada, Canola Oil is proudly featured on my kitchen counter, using it to whip everything from marinades to baking to salad dressings, this clean and traceable oil is great for BBQ-ing too, due to its heat threshold and high-smoke point. With it’s made in Canada stamp of approval, you don’t need to worry about food-fraud with a proud Canadian product like this!

Walter Caesar Mix

Canada Day wouldn’t be complete without a (breakfast) Caesar. Walter Caesar Mix is my top choice for mixing up this clam-based cocktail, with no gross icky preservatives or colours, Walter knows what matters when it comes to this classic Canadian Cocktail, and its not fructose or artificial flavours. The Ocean Wise stamp of approval seals the deal, a truly innovative and sustainable mix, and now, in vegan mixes too.

Colibri Canada

How cute are these mini pouches from Colibri Canada? Green is the new black, so add a little style to your lunch game with these zipper pouches that come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Food safe, the lined pockets are perfect for snacks, or Laura Secord Maple Candies if you’re so inclined.

SoCIAL Lite- Grapefruit Pomelo

Ready to rock, these cutie coolers are everything you want in a pre-made bevvie, made with all natural flavours, the low-sugar and low-carb vodka based cocktails are straight out of Toronto, so raise one or two and toast the Raps this summer. SoCIAL Lite Craft Cocktails come in six flavours all at 80 cals each, or try one of their new Spiked Iced Teas in Peach or Lemon, for a safe 100 cals.