Hosting duties were light last year, with various states of lockdowns rotating around the world, most of us tucked into a heaping plate of whatever meal delivery service would deliver, whatever was tucked in the back or our freezers, or whatever we could muster the collective courage to cook. This year, while we still wade through the murky pandemic waters we’re rapid-testing and double (triple?) vaxxed and hoping to host a small gathering. Or maybe just skip the whole turkey thing and pig out, take comfort in your couch and chill out!

From impromptu get-togethers to full-on feasts, here are a few ideas to take the sting out of holiday hosting.

We’re obsessed with non-dairy Mother Raw Vegan Queso. Plop down a tray and watch it disappear, just like the handsome hometown hunk in whatever Christmas rom-com is on. A dollop of Earth’s Own organic sour cream cools things down, or a few drops of your fave hot sauce (we suggest local No 7) to spice things up.

mother raw queso

Filling your counters full of food should include some colour, opt-in for some classic veggies and dip, and keeping with the dairy-free theme, Mother Raw and Earth’s Own offer creamy decoys that are perfect partners for your crunchy setup. Chop up your favourite green and red veggies for a Santa and dietitian-approved spread.

veggie earths own

Seafood tends to make a splash, it looks so elegant and let’s face it, omega-rich is definitely better for you than a traditional charcuterie board. Scout Canning has some wonderful ideas, with tinned fish getting super special treatment like their Albacore Tuna with Garden Herb Pesto.


Carbs are the ultimate comfort food, next to cheese, so why not combo those together with these festive merry men? These little bundles not only look impressive, but in both cheese and meat formations, you have an impressive meal in minutes. Continental Noodles also carries ready to cook pizzas, meals and desserts, so treat yourself and stock your freezer up for the long haul.

continental noodles holiday ravioli

A sweet finish deserves premium quality chocolates and Galerie au Chocolat from Quebec makes a case for pretty packaging and easy presentation. A simple setup, or a lovely stocking stuffer, Galerie au Chocolat uses gourmet ingredients and chocolate sourced from Belgium using all-natural, non-GMO ingredients and the dark chocolates are also vegan friendly. Win!

galerie au chocolat

Add a kid-friendly (or adult inspired) hot chocolate bomb-bar in a breeze! Adults can Irish up their offerings with Baileys or Jameson Irish Whiskey, while kids can go whole-hog with sprinkles, graham crackers and marshmallows for a s’mores experience in the snow.

pc insiders desserts

All images by Libby Roach.