Dr. Ron Somogyi and Dr. Waqqas Jalil Form Face + Body

renowned cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons Dr. Ron Somogyi and Dr. Waqqas Jalil

I was invited to check out the customized skin rejuvenation service developed by the FORM Face + Body team and, because I am a giver, I offered my face up so I could share the experience with you.

Together with Nurse Roya Mansourian (an aesthetic and post-surgical nurse), plastic surgeons Dr Somogyi and Dr Jalil, this team provides a full-service, sort of one-stop shopping experience in a supportive environment. What can be a stressful process is made easier by utilizing virtual consultations, something that has become part of the “new normal” during the pandemic. This removes the need to, potentially, drive long distances and set aside hours out of your day to talk to a doctor before you make any major decisions and allows you to have an idea of whether you and your practitioner “click” before making any commitments and let me tell you, I am a huge fan. I also like the idea that your skincare and non-invasive treatments as well as any surgical needs that might crop up are dealt with in collaboration as opposed to a cobbled-together group of individual practitioners.

FORM Face + Body, Form Face + Body

They offer the full gamut of surgical and non-surgical treatments ranging all the way from breast reconstruction to skin treatments and cosmetic fillers.

Step one was to fill out an online questionnaire and take a couple of photos using my phone in order to make a 3 D image for the dr to look at pre-virtual consultation, all very easy to do with provided links and instructions. The Dr will be able to use that information to come up with a possible treatment plan that’s tailored for your needs and skin type.

Loving the cyborg Carole

Next, the clinic will schedule your first virtual consultation – I chatted with Dr Somogyi about what I was looking for, and answered questions about my skin, my level of commitment re: my skincare regime and what I want to focus on. Dr Somogyi then ran me through some options that he thought would be appropriate for me, patiently answered all of my ten bazillion questions and left me feeling completely at ease and confident. We both agreed that I was looking for more youthful-looking, hydrated skin and some improvement in my problematic under-eye area. At no time, did I feel rushed or pushed into anything more than I was asking for and the whole thing occurred while I sat on my couch in my daytime PJs.

Soon after, I was emailed my personal formula – mine included an eye cream, serum, cleanser and a SkinPen micro-needling session and we made an appointment for me to come in for my treatment.


Nurse Roya

Nurse Roya takes care of the non surgical cosmetic procedures and is also a post op nurse so if you have to have a surgical procedure done in the building, she will be your guardian angel

On that day, I went to their office in North York, located in a Medical Building with lots of parking. The office is large and laid back and the staff is very friendly and helpful. Nurse Roya met me in a treatment room and explained what micro needling is all about because my mind is a sieve and I had forgotten half of what Dr Somogyi had told me, answered all of my questions until I felt completely comfortable before we started. Microneedling creates a series of tiny pricks along the skin to trigger the body’s natural healing process. As the skin is punctured, collagen production ramps up to rejuvenate skin from deep within the surface.

Form Face & Body office

After cleaning my skin and letting numbing cream sit for a bit, we commenced getting down to business. I’ll be honest, it’s not the worst thing I have endured for beauty but it’s not super enjoyable either. Imagine getting your face tattooed by a beautiful young woman with steady hands and a lovely bedside manner.

Form face & Body needling

Numbing cream pre needling and then the hydrating face mask post needling

I could feel my skin heating up as she neared the end of the treatment and by the time she was done, it was definitely feeling very hot. Nurse Roya then applied a hydrating mask that came in two strips of a gel-like substance that is soaked with hyaluronic acid. It hydrates, promotes faster healing and improves elasticity. After about 15 minutes, she removed the mask and told me that I just leave the gel on there and go home. It felt so weird to walk out with a tacky face but by the time I got home, my skin had completely absorbed it.

  1. Next, I moved on to Ora, the welcoming office manager who hooked me up with the recommended products and, at my request, Nurse Roya wrote me a little note with the order to apply the products. Again, mind is a sieve and they honoured my request to treat me like a three-year-old.

My face was moderately warm and tight but I washed with cool water and applied the hyaluronic acid Nurse Roya sent home with me a couple of times and woke up with skin that no longer looked like a British secretary after her first day at the beach. It still felt a bit dry and tight but the redness was significantly less intense. I showered and put some of the calming solution that she also sent home with me. I couldn’t cover it with makeup but I no longer felt like I would scare anyone when I went out for dinner later that evening. Every morning I woke to less angry-looking skin. At one point on day 2, I had a bit of peeling around my mouth – I thought I had enjoyed a sugar donut in my sleep until I got a close-up look and realized I had minor flaking around my mouth. I had gone to visit friends overnight and forgot to bring my skin cream but after applying a gentle moisturizer that my friend provided, all was back to normal by morning, but some mild peeling was not unexpected.

Form Face & Body

Before, right after, day 2, day 3. By Day 4, there was no redness at all on this 57 year old mug. Skin feels great, dark circles slightly improved at this point after using the products too

I was told I won’t start seeing slight results until at least a week post-needling and to really see significant change, they recommend up to three treatments, four to six weeks apart. Micro-needling is a little more of a long game but I am good with that. To read more about SkinPen micro-needling, you can read a description here.


Skin Better ProductsDr Somogyi recommended an intense eye cream to help with my dark under-eye area called InterFuse® Treatment Cream ($150). I am hoping that, coupled with the under-eye filler that I have been trying to maintain for the last couple of years, it will work in tandem to make it look like I have, indeed, slept this month. He also recommended the Alto Serum ($220), Trio Balance Moisture Treatment ($220) and Daily Enzyme Cleanser ($60), all from the SkinBetter Science line. I started using all of the products on day 4 and have been using religiously ever since. The cost of the micro-needling is about $390 per area, so comparable to other, similar, non-invasive treatments. We will decide, together, whether I need 1 or 2 more treatments for optimal results and I will check back in as I progress, but, so far at ten days post-needling, I am very happy with the results and the products. My skin feels really soft and I will absolutely go in for a second treatment in a month or so.

All in all, I was very happy with my experience, the staff were all lovely, I am all in with doing things virtually up to the day I go in the office for the actual procedure and I love the fact that, down the road, I could go in and have all my non-surgical AND surgical procedures done in one place, by the same team who work together to manage your care and who you can build a trusting relationship with.

Hence, FORM Face + Body

I was comped a treatment with products so that I could share my experience with you if I liked it. As always, my opinions are very much my own. All subsequent treatments and products will be fully paid for