Yuzu is a citrus fruit from Japan that I’ve been enjoying in a variety of forms over the years. It was first introduced to me by my friends Jimi and Jue, restauranteurs and chefs. The intense burst of lemony-orange sweet goodness was something I instantly fell in love with. I’ve tried it in cocktails, entrees, as a marinade and dressing as well as in desserts and in candy form. It was only a matter of time that more people would be introduced to the sensational flavours. It’s no surprise that the chefs and food trend forecasters at President’s Choice have declared Yuzu one of the biggest food trends of the year not just for summer but it’s great all year round!

This fruit that is popular in Japan, Korea and other countries is not just tartfully tasty, it also has health benefits including reducing inflammation and helps to promote heart health. It’s particularly rich in vitamin A and C. In East Asian cultures there are many uses for the peel, fruit as well as seeds. Not only is it incorporated in cuisine but also in aromatherapy used for its soothing effects to help relieve stress and anxiety.

Just in time for summer, President’s Choice has introduced an incredible selection of Yuzu products worthy of backyard al fresco dining and cottage escapes. Here’s a sampling of what our team tried and what’s in store now…

Honey Yuzu Citrus Lemonade: nothing says summer like an icy cold lemonade and this one has the added flavour that is refreshing on its own or use as a base for your summer cocktails. Try a splash of sake and serve over ice and add a wedge of lemon, lime or orange for garnish.

Yuzu Chicken Wings: we could eat buckets of these crispy wings that are bursting with juicy flavour. Easy to prep in the oven and dipped (or brushed) with the sweet and tangy Yuzu glaze for a lip-smacking finish. Stock up. These will be a favourite for sure.PC Yuzu Wings

Yuzu Citrus Grilling Raw Salmon Skewers: For a fast and easy summery meal these MSC- certified salmon skewers cook up quickly from frozen right on the BBQ. We simply added grilled salmon to our favourite salad!

Yuzu Citrus & Blueberry Sorbet: what is summer without icy sweet sorbet? This dreamy treat is a perfectly cool finish to a summertime meal. Also fun to scoop a swirl into your lemonade or ice tea. Make your own frozen cake by simply prepping your own graham cracker crumb crust and scooping on top and freeze. To finish add a topping of toasted coconut or fruit compote like this rhubarb strawberry combo.

pc yuzu sorbetYuzu Citrus Japanese-Style Cheesecake: If you haven’t tried a Japanese style cheesecake you’re in for a treat! This version is lighter, fluffier than the cheesecakes you may be accustomed to. This President’s Choice Yuzu Cheesecake is crustless and delicately kissed with the citrus fruit. It comes plain but easy to jazz up with fresh berries and a dusting of icing sugar. Add a hint of fresh mint leaves for a perfect finish.Sparkling Cold Brew Coffee Yuzu Citrus: This may be an acquired taste for some! Combining citrus and cold brew coffee with the effervescent quality of sparkling water was an interesting mix that intrigued us. While our team had mixed feelings about this brew, one of our partners said it reminded him of Thrill’s chewing gum! Highly recommend serving this realllllly cold.


*Products were gifted to us for review purposes. This post was a collaborative effort between Libby and I.