This week I wore a sweater, capri pants, shirt sleeve shirt, winter coat and Spring jacket…all in the same day. While the weather isn’t certain the quality of these podcasts are.

Ear Hustle

There are days that I struggle personally with my own believes in right and wrong. Whether forgiveness can be achieved after someone has done their time. What started as the chronicles of life behind bars at San Quentin State Penitentiary Ear Hustle has turned into ten seasons of humour, awakenings, sadness, and insight across the American justice system for both men and women. You start to become invested in the people who’s stories you have heard. You cheer them on as they get released and at times questioning if you should be celebrating; their crimes still happened and affected so many. Discretion is advise as some episode can have graphic and upsetting content and not suitable for all.

Ear Hustle Podcast

City of the Rails

When Danielle Morton’s daughter skips town and begins a life of train hopping mom does the only thing she can think of; follows her to the rail yard and throughout the US. City of the Rails explores this hidden world of train hopping as she meets rail cops, hobos, engineers and more. She discovers not only how train travel shaped the country but what also drives those to live their lives in such a transient way. All while trying to bring her daughter home.

City of the Rails Podcast

Modern Love Podcast

What started as a New York times column, Modern Love is a weekly podcast where host Anna Martin explore the complexities of real life love stories. From a father suffering from Alzheimer’s, polyamory and monogamy, weird dating stories, and an 83 year old blind woman still taking pleasure out of visiting a sex shop you are bound to find something you can either relate to or as least help keep your own love struggles in perspective.

Modern Love Podcast

Secretly Incredibly Fascinating Podcast

Are you a nerd about random facts like I am? Then you will love the Secretly Incredibly Fascinating Podcast. Hosts Alex Schmidt and Kate Goldin take you on a hilarious journey into the history and science behind common everyday things. Did you know that even though we think we celebrate a leap year every four years that in fact we have to skip three every 300 hundred years. Nerdy I know. How is glitter made? Why are barnacles so cool? When did we start cursing? So many incredible episodes to bump up your trivia knowledge.

Secretly Incredibly Fascinating Podcast

Svetlana Svetlana

You would like to think that being the daughter of a Russian Dictator would make you interesting enough but the Svetlana Svetlana Podcast tells a story that really gets crazy once Joseph Stalin’s daughter defected to the US. A life full of Frank Lloyd Wright cults, three Olgas, another Svetlana and a three week whirlwind romance that culminated in a wedding (and possible financial ruin).

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