Peloton is back, this time, for everyone, fancy bike or not. Launching just today, and downloaded directly through Android TV, the fitness juggernaut is unleashing hundreds of hours of content, luring people out of their lounge wear and into the living room gym of your dreams.

A whopping 85 million consumers already use Android TV-enabled devices for an extensive list of core programming (ouch, see what I did there) and now bolstered by Peloton’s brand and legacy for building better bodies, the platform will feature videos and training for everything from strength, yoga, meditation, stretching and bootcamp workouts, in addition to Peloton’s current cycling and running content. Through Android TV, Peloton Members can break a sweat with their fellow quarantined housemates, following the instructors’ moves to ensure better form. Following a routine and staying focused on your wellbeing, both in a physical, mental and emotional level are wise investments at any time in your life, but now, more than ever. Explore the Peloton App from the comfort of your own home for an extended 90-day free trial until April 30th.