So, I’ve admitted that I’ve gone to a Medi-spa to deal with a skin pigmentation issue called Melasma. It’s a common skin concern for many women after they have kids, so I’ve learned! It left me with patchy  Michael Jackson-esque skin but I wasn’t really born with, but a skin issue that has increased over time and left me with a silhouette of China on my forehead. I started getting stares from people on the streets.  I’m not kidding! The numerous trips to medi-spa did actually work after three months of aggressive treatments and peels. It wasn’t pleasant. But it worked. Remember this was a medi-spa. There’s a difference between that and “going to the Spahhhh” where you would sip tea and lounge around in plush robes and slippers listening to the chants of monks echoing from the mountains.

I’ve tried a few products at home too including creams, serums and whatever to keep things under control. But now, the onset of wrinkles, crow’s feet and just a noticeable difference in how my skin is responding is starting to concern me. Yes, I know, it’s all part of growing up. “Embrace it,” you say. I do know that deep down inside but hey,  it’s a personal choice on whether we want to leave things as is or deal with it. Hey, this is a no-judgment zone, right? The latest product to enter the beauty market to address our not-so-youthful skin is Silk’n Solutions TITAN. This caught my attention and I was more than willing to try it out. I’ve tried many things so I can tell you first-hand what’s been effective and what has not.


I’ve had friends who have said “But you don’t need anything, you look young!” Yes, sure (thanks and bless you! I got it from my momma!) but I’ve noticed that the skin on my face just isn’t bouncing back like it used to. Who can relate? I mean I still get zits and they just don’t want to go away. They just sit there. Blah. And I’m starting to notice fine wrinkle lines. Let’s call them smile lines, okay?  I’d rather be proactive. Like I’ve said, I go to the medi-spa anyway. This would save me a bit of $$ and it’s the least invasive innovation I’ve seen to date.

But it will take more than one post to tell you if this is effective. After all, if we’re going to review beauty products and tell you if they are worth it (this baby is $299 Cdn) then we will run through the process. According to the information provided, it could take 6 weeks for first signs but a full 10 weeks to see decent results. So, consider this my first post to give you initial information about this new technology.


This hand-held device uses infrared energy, LED light energy and RF energy to activate your skin’s natural restoration process. The research behind this device is the combination of the three forms of energy to help your skin.

To break things down:

  • Infrared energy is used to help increase blood circulation to improve skin tone and texture
  • LED Light Energy helps grow new collagen, to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • RF Energy goes deeper to help connective tissues and to strengthen elastin which is beneficial to lift and tighten skin.

You would find this kind of technology at the professional level. This company is already known for other beauty devices in the marketplace.

It can be used on both men and women over the age of 18+ and for all skin types.


TITAN has been clinically tested, FDA and Health Canada cleared to safely tighten facial skin from the inside out. After following the instructions, your skin should look healthier and younger with a healthy glow.


The device is like a wand. You simply move it to the locations you want to treat on your face and neck. An accompanying treatment gel is needed as it acts as a conductor. There are several levels to choose from. It’s recommended that start on level one the first time and then adjust to what you can handle accordingly. It takes 15 minutes for each area of your face (e.g. forehead, around the eyes, cheeks, chin) to ensure the heat is evenly dispersed. It took me an hour to do my face but I basically watched Netflix at the same time.


I read the accompanying instructions and watched a few YouTube videos to make sure I understood how to use this device because, well, it’s my face after all! I started with a clean face and applied the clear gel right onto the part of the device that was to move over the skin.  You could also apply the gel right onto your face. I’ll probably do that next time. I activated power level one as recommended and left it on there for the full first treatment. It was warm as I moved the device around. Nothing uncomfortable. It was actually soothing. Next time I’ll kick it up a notch. My skin turned just a hint of pink but it quickly went away. I did feel an initial slight tightening on the skin.

The at-home treatment is recommended to be done twice a week for the first 10 weeks. Then you can maintain your skin by doing the treatment once every other week.

I’ll be doing updates on my instastories @theculturepearl if you’re interested in following along. But I’ll be reporting back in a few weeks.

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*The Silk’n Solutions Titan device was offered to me for an honest review. That’s really important to us here. This is not sponsored post. I thought you should know that.