Dating at the best of times can be challenging enough but toss in a pandemic and a few layers of health and safety checks? As if we don’t have enough to stress over. Research shows that Canadian singles are feeling lonelier than ever before. Though modern dating during a pandemic can feel overwhelming, one of Canada’s most trusted matchmakers, Krystal Walter, advises clients to stop swiping and to focus on making meaningful connections. She founded her personalized matchmaking service almost a decade ago and is now one of Canada’s most trusted in the industry.

Established in 2012, Krystal Walter offers a personalized and confidential service that matches singles based on lifestyle, values, goals, personality and physical preferences. A thorough screening process is completed prior to signing on so Krystal knows exactly what her clients are looking for in a partner. This screening, along with client feedback and consultation, helps Krystal identify pairs who will complement one another in potential long-term relationships.

Krystal’s services are inclusive. She helps anyone and everyone find love, regardless of orientation or preference.  Krystal has over 3000 clients and over the years, has made hundreds of successful matches, helping singles find long-term – and in many cases – forever partners.

We check in with Krystal for her hot tips on how to find love during these most unusual times…

Things are challenging enough! What can people do to make a “date” as comfortable as possible?

Krystal: Absolutely, it’s very challenging to meet someone new right now! It’s hard to pass someone in the grocery store without feeling uncomfortable, let alone meeting someone for a date and not being able to hug or shake hands. Here’s the thing, we’re all in this together, we all know the rules. To make the date as comfortable as possible, be sure to find out your date’s comfort levels before meeting them. If they’d like to stay 6 feet away and only meet for an outdoor date, respect that and try not to push them into any uncomfortable situations, even just a coffee shop. Other than that, have fun with it! Make a funny joke, bump elbows, and remember that just because most everything in 2020 is cancelled, love isn’t!

What are some “first date” ideas people can do now in person or online?

Krystal: Throughout quarantine, I really encouraged my clients to book some virtual dates. I know it can be uncomfortable, but it can also be really fun! Grab a glass of wine, and each of you can cook a meal together over FaceTime or Zoom. My biggest suggestion is to get ready the same way you would on a normal date. Remember to look at your date, not yourself in the camera, haha!

If you are meeting in person, make sure you follow the latest guidelines from our healthcare advisors. When you’re ready for intimacy, make sure your date feels comfortable before you lean in for a kiss. Don’t forget your hand sanitizer!

What are some do’s and don’ts people should be aware of on a virtual date?

Krystal: – Do get ready for the date as you normally would
– Do suggest some fun ideas on the virtual date (dinner, games, movie night)
– Do make sure your surrounding is clean and tidy
– Do try to make sure the lighting is good so your date can see you
– Don’t look at yourself the whole time
– Don’t take yourself too seriously! It can be awkward, laugh about it and crack some jokes!
– Don’t have any distractions like a TV around you

What are some safe conversation starters?

Krystal: – What do you do for work?
– What are you passionate about?
– Do you like to travel, and where have you travelled to?
– If you had a Saturday to yourself, what would you do?
– What’s your favourite meal to cook?
– What does an ideal date look like to you?

Sooooo, how do we get out of a virtual date that’s not going well?

Krystal: If your virtual date isn’t going well, it’s likely the person on the other side doesn’t want it to go on much longer either. My advice is to either be honest and let them know you have to go, or if you’re feeling super uncomfortable tell the person on the other line that you’re getting an important phone call and you’ll need to end the date early.

How do matchmakers work now during Covid times? 

Krystal: You know, I thought lots would change for my business during the initial COVID-19 breakout. We weren’t sure how to encourage dating during a global pandemic. It turns out that all the time spent alone in quarantine helped people realize what they really want in their future relationships, and we’ve been busier than ever! Like I said, love isn’t cancelled, so if you’re ready to meet your perfect match, call me!

You can connect with Krystal Walter here.