The holiday decorations are now up everywhere and the Christmas music is already blasting in the malls. Yes, we’re getting ready with our lists.  Since Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the BIGGEST shopping weekend (or week) of the year (especially for tech gadgets) we are getting ourselves ready for any deals that could possibly come up!

Don’t have FOMO! Here are our favourite tech items to consider on your gift list and worth keeping an eye on for any promotions this season!

NINTENDO RINGFIT ADVENTURE: If you think gaming consoles are only for your kids, think again. Nintendo’s RingFit Adventure is a whole lotta fun while getting you up and moving. If you’re like me and need a distraction while you work out, this is a fun option. The added Ring Con (steering wheel-like ring) wirelessly connects to your Nintendo Switch console and captures your activity. You can create customized workouts or take quick challenges and minigames. If you’re looking for the latest games for kids, our young crew loves the newest releases for Nintendo Switch including Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Buy this for: families, moms, dads

FITBIT VERSA 2: The next iteration of Fitbit is this ultra-versatile device that combines everything we love about Fitbit and the added convenience of a smartwatch. Get your text, calls and message notifications on the go. Never miss a beat (literally) as it keeps tabs on your activities and monitors heart rate. Not only does it track your steps but tells you if you haven’t moved enough. The app helps you manage your goals and achievements. Of course, my favourite is the challenges I can do with my fellow Fitbit friends. Competitive? Who me? Fun ways to customize your Fitbit face – I added my personal emoji that changes throughout the day. This Fitbit also pairs nicely with Alexa.

Buy this for: the fitness peeps at all levels, teens, yourself, sister

KOBO LIBRA H20: One of my goals this year was to read more since I have time on my commutes on public transit, it’s easy enough for me to pop this eReader into my handbag to take anywhere. Sure I could read on my phone, but then I’d get distracted by checking emails and all the cute puppy dogs on my Instagram feed. One task at a time is my new motto. This new eReader is customizable allowing you to read more comfortably and for longer. Light adjusts to day and night environment so it’s easier on the eyes. It’s also waterproof so I could confidently read in my soothing nighttime bubble bath and even while on vacation at the beach sipping my mojito. It comes in white or black.

Buy this for: everyone, grandparents, teacher gift (pool together your resources), avid reader, book club organizer, the hockey mom who hangs out at the arena for hours, traveller.

APPLE AIRPODS PRO: I am in love with these handy little AirPods. I admit that I had worried at first about them falling out of my ears or getting tangled in my long hair but they’ve proven that they can stay comfortably in place. Not only that, they deliver incredible sound and hold the battery charge very well. Now the latest edition of Apple AirPods Pro comes with three flexible tips for added comfort. They also have Active Noise Cancellation – ideal for travellers those who frequent gyms and want to completely be immersed in their audio pleasures. But you can also switch to “transparency” mode so you won’t miss anything that’s going on. Your choice. Water and sweat resistant.

Buy this for: teens, adults, yourself, music and podcast lovers.

AMAZON ECHO SHOW: This amazing device has come in very handy in my home. It doubles up as an information finder as well as a compact entertainment system. I literally have background music on all day. I ask Alexa to play spa music for the dog – when I go out. The sound is pretty impressive for a small device. But it does more than that. I love that I can voice-activate and search the internet for such things as recipes, info needed like the weather, and news headlines. I even ask random questions like “what is the best dog breed” — of course, Alexa always says Corgi. Or tell me three weird things I need to know today. You can also watch Youtube and even content on Amazon Prime Video. You can also connect it to your smart devices in and around your home including the Ring Doorbell – handy to get the live video feed before even opening the door. The Echo Show sits, and looks great, in any room.

Buy this for: WAHM, WAHD, real housewife of every county.

TRAVELPRO LUGGAGE: There are many options for luggage but this line is created out of the needs and necessities of an airline pilot. Not only made with the strongest materials but each piece is compact and well thought out with lots of handy pockets and sleeves to keep travellers organized. Many of the pieces in the collections also come with a built-in pocket for rechargeable battery packs for easy access. No fumbling around while you’re on the go!

Buy this for: the jet set, the business traveller.

RING OUTDOOR LIGHTS: The nights are long in the winter and this range of outdoor lights come in handy. The lights turn on when activated with motion. Easy to install and the accompanying app allows you to control what you need – want them to all turn on at the same time? Want the lights to be brighter? Want to get notifications when they turn on? You can do all of that. I’m comforted in being able to see if any creatures are lurking in the backyard before I let the dog out. Also easy to install.

Buy this for: grandparents, house dwellers, dog owners.

TILE: This finding device helps you keep track of everyday items on the go like keys, wallets, backpacks, handbags, laptops, bikes, even pets. With the accompanying app, you can locate any of these items quickly within range. But say if you’ve misplaced your wallet or think someone has pickpocketed you, then track it thanks to the Tile Community when it’s out of range.  I love the feature where you can find your phone (even when it’s on silent mode) with a tap on the Tile device it will set off a ring tone on your phone. It comes in a variety of discreet shapes.

Buy this for: your kids, grandparents, yourself, anyone who’s forgetful or in the habit of misplacing things.

LIV by THERAGUN: the founder of the company created this handheld device in 2007 when he was injured in an accident to help with pain relief. The first few versions have been used by trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors, and professional athletes. Now the latest version, LIV, is created for everyone. The device used percussive therapy to help with pain relief. But not only that, but the device also helps with activating muscles and recovery. The LIV version comes with two attachment heads to target specific needs. The accompanying app offers tips on how to best use the device so you never have to second guess. I was keen to try it out for my lower back pain but I’ve discovered many benefits to using this device from waking up my tired body to getting a better night’s sleep. By the way, I’ve had this out on the living room table for our recent guests to try. They all love it.  Available through HealFaster Canada.

Buy this for: the sports fanatic, the game changers, massage addicts

iRobot Roomba i7+: several major features make this newest robot vacuum from iRobot very appealing. If we told our grandparents that we would one day be able to clean our own homes without actually being home, they’d think we were  dreamers. It’s possible now. The Roomba runs around efficiently thanks to its smart mapping system. It’s constantly learning about the surfaces and area it’s cleaning. It will do a deep clean in high traffic areas. Great for getting into corners too with it’s long cleaning bristles.  If you have pets, you’ll be pretty happy to have this vacuum if you’re like me and have to vacuum daily. You can also schedule it to clean on specific days and times. The major selling feature for me on this new model? The Clean Base Charging Base where the Roomba returns to and cleans out all the debris itself. Less emptying the dirt bin for us. So smart!

Buy this for: condo dwellers, home owners, pet lovers, busy parents

ORAL B GENIUS X: Artificial Intelligence (AI) has found its way into our daily lives and we’re seeing the benefits. The latest in oral hygiene brings the technology to our daily routine for a more efficient brush and more personalized experience. Sure, we know we’re supposed to brush for 2 minutes but how many of us actually do it? The Oral B Genius X not only keeps track of time, but it also shows you (via app) where you brushed and if you’d covered all the surfaces of each area in the mouth. All the information is captured within the handle of the toothbrush and syncs to your app on our device. It also keeps track of your brushing history and offers recommendations on how to better brush. It will also learn your brushing habits and helps you adjust. My oral hygienist is impressed.

Buy this for: you, your teen, your family