We’re exhausted from the holiday season. All that festive cheer on top of family and work  stuff has left us yearning for quiet time. We are craving that cocoon vibe and wanting quality sleep now more than ever. But there are days, or rather nights, that we still have trouble falling asleep even as things have quieted a bit. We can’t seem to “shut down” our minds. So, what can we do besides get more fresh air, keep work outta of the bedroom, and not drink coffee past 4 pm? Audible recently released the latest instalment of its popular Audible Sleep Collection podcast series, Sleep Sound with Noah Reid. Yes, he’s the actor and musician recently known for his role as the sweet Patrick on Schitt’s Creek!

In this new Sleep Sound, the Screen Actors’ Guild and Canadian Screen Award-winning actor transports listeners into new worlds through immersive soundscapes and eases us into sleep mode.

The audio scenic adventure takes us to new wintry worlds through immersive, high quality nature soundscapes recorded by some of the best field recordists in the world. Fall asleep with Audible to the sounds of the snowy Estonian countryside with a fire on the shores of an icy lake and of a Finnish forest as it begins to thaw and reawaken – just to name a few spots.

We were fortunate to have a chance to chat with Noah Reid about this incredible new audio sleep journey.

Audible - Noah Reid

How did you get involved with this Audible Sleep Collection series?

Reid: I had done an audiobook with Audible about a year ago, narrating John Wyndham’s classic dystopian tale “The Chrysalids”, and when they approached me about Sleep Sound, I was interested in the concept. I’ve never used a sleep podcast to get to sleep, but I have friends who swear by it, and as a new dad I understand how important a good nights sleep (or even a few uninterrupted hours) can be.

What is your role in guiding listeners in this sleep sound?

Reid: The podcast centres around these beautiful and soothing field recordings of wintery soundscapes that give you that feeling of being nice and cozy and warm when it’s icy and snowy outside. My job is to paint the visual picture and place the listener in the centre of the world the soundscape is creating, and then let the recording play out as the listener relaxes into the winter sleep of their dreams.

Audible - podcast - Noah Reid - Sleep What are some of your favourite sounds in this podcast?

Reid: All of them are amazing, these specific, unique and yet familiar sounds. There’s one that’s the sound of the wind whipping through the poles of an abandoned ski lift on a mountain in Bolivia that has the most hauntingly beautiful harmonic quality to it.

Do you have any rituals or routines before sleep?

Reid: Not really. I’ve always been a night owl, and at times staying up late has been a kind of ritual for me. Parenthood is definitely forcing me to be a bit more consistent with bedtime these days.

Do you have any additional tips that will enhance our listening experience and to get a better sleep?

Reid: I’d say a put on a good pair of headphones, slow down your breath and give into the comfort of these snowy soundscapes from the cozy confines of your bed.

To learn more about this new Audible Sleep Sound series with Noah Reid, link here.