If there’s one thing I appreciate about cold temperatures it has to be the ability to add or shed layers as needed. The transition from fall to winter looks is a tricky manoeuvre. There’s nothing worse then sporting summer shorts on a super hot day only to step inside and instantly your skin goes all chicken-y and you’re frozen to your shirt. Fall and winter usher in a far more respectable approach, one that adapts to changing morning to night temperatures. Not only do layers make you look more polished and put together, they also afford a chinook-proof method to being ready for anything.

In the midst of this climate-change ravaged era, being prepared isn’t as easy as it used to be. Depending on some key components affords some confidence in battling the elements, even if those elements are just Yorkdale Mall.

Ready for anything, like Yorkville

cougar boots- fall to winter
Late fall temps bring bare legs, super warm Cougar Boots and a jean jacket to the fold.

Keep your feet happy and you’ll be ready for anything life throws your way. From being a bench boss at the hockey rink to navigating the slippery stairs on the subway, Cougar Boots have you covered. Warm and toasty tootsies up to a nipple-erecting -40° and waterproof, they’re dependable and look on-trend for any occasion. Their line of boots and booties are fashion-forward and offer a very rugged grip allowing you to worry about more important things than slipping and falling, you know, like where’s my mask?

Bring It On- It’s Been BROUGHTEN!

Tote your extras around town without dropping the ball. Forget giant boho bags of the past, we’re leaning towards sleek design crafted in Canada leather from m0851. With separate compartments and an easy access back pocket, this little number goes from day to night and back again (hey, no judgement if you have a toothbrush in there too). I stow my reusable bags, extra masks, DSLR, hand sanitizer and more, it never looks bulky or bunches up. Made with Aniline Leather, which is known to be an environmentally friendlier leather imported from Italy.

Supple, soft and ready for snow! Tuck in some mitts and a hat and you won’t miss a beat (or Carol)

Vegan clothing is a safe bet for all, and here, just as warm as the duck-filled original. Lined with super cozy soft fleece, Gwen Cozy Faux Fur Trim Hooded Puffer Jacket from Save The Duck is just the right amount of puff, quilted to keep out the elements, and a double-zipper lets you open up when you’re sweaty. Scope out the line of coats at Nordstrom Canada.

save the duck jacket
Save the Duck and why not support a local cafe too?

Add a wraparound scarf from The AGO and a cute toque from a local cafe (I’ve bought three from Prologue Cafe already!) for a hometown Toronto look that can mingle in the mall, or trek through the town.

Lights, Camera, LAYERS!

Office ready looks that could work for nighttime escapades require some careful contemplation, so I was delighted to learn from the pros in person, on-set at Cityline with Tracy Moore. Our beauty editor Iva instructed us on everything from tucking in shirts (or not), to mixing and layering basics with bolds, like this clever combo of a white blouse, on-trend 90’s plaid skirt, with a Zara sweater vest, and a faux-leather jacket from REBDOLLS. Using a ponytail holder, she rolled up the sleeves to keep the wrist exposed, a nice nod to the high-contrast white and black look.

Save The Duck jacket shot by Libby Roach, Cougar Boots courtesy Sonya Davidson and M0851 shot by Carole Nelson Brown.