I have wanted to experience a sound bath since reading about them last year in Gretchen Rubin’s Life in Five Senses. (It is out this week in paperback!) Hearing is probably the least cultivated of my senses. I wanted to learn how to get more pleasure from sound. When the opportunity arose to try out a sound bath at Toronto’s newest spa Trove, I jumped at the chance to enrich my sensorium through sound.

What is a sound bath?

A sound bath is an immersive experience during which, to promote calm and healing, participants listen to sounds. The sounds are made by instruments like bells, chimes, gongs, tuning forks, drums, metal or crystal singing bowls, and the human voice. An instructor guides participants through a series of breathing exercises, poses and sounds.

The Sound Bath Experience at Trove

My session was with the excellent Luciana, who came highly recommended by Auburn Lane team members. We gathered in the yoga space, which was invitingly prepared with mats, bolsters and blankets. The lighting was dimmed, and the space was wonderfully tranquil. We began by sitting and breathing deeply, then moved into laying positions.

Trove yoga room
Trove’s calming yoga space

The session was largely non-verbal. After some initial cues to our breathing and our posture, Luciana did not speak. Instead, she used her voice to chant and sing. Mostly, she played the singing bowls and drums. She achieved a wonderful balance between soothing repetition and interesting variety, offering sounds that were predictable in their rhythm but moved gently from instrument to instrument.

I went into the session in the spirit of curiosity, and this, I think, meant that my brain did not fully disengage. I didn’t want it to! I was alive to the sensations of the sounds, to the images and associations they conjured. While I aimed to keep the experience as embodied as possible, I was aware of my brain whirring away at the novelty of it.

Sound bath at Trove
Luciana on the crystal singing bowl

I need no permission other than hedonism and curiosity to indulge in these kinds of experiences, and Trove gave me the very best in these departments! It is a beautiful space in which to melt into a relaxed state of bliss.

Other senses, other experiences

Trove has much more to offer to our senses and to our sense of well-being. As founders Zoë Paliare and Tanya Kololian explained, they wanted to offer a one-stop shop for all kinds of wellness services. Trove offers everything from facials to water treatments, yoga to osteopathy. Their objective was to make self-care as seamless as possible.

The setting is effortlessly relaxing. Wonderful smells waft in an understated way through the space. The lighting is soft and dim, creating a sense of cocooning. The fireplace in the IV Lounge is not just inviting, it positively pulls you inside.

Trove Wellbeing fireplace
The fireplace just pulls you in!

A Salt Cave is a gorgeous space in which to relax. The positive ions released by the salt are said to create an environment that mimics the forest, a joy to this forest bather’s soul.

Trove salt cave
Trove’s salt cave is a marvel.

If you are looking to add to your store of happiness as well as to your repertoire of treatments for self-care, Trove Wellbeing is now open and ready to welcome you! Come and open the door to a new experience.

Trove Wellbeing
The soothing approach to the salt cave

All images courtesy Trove.

Find Trove Wellbeing at 426 Adelaide W, Toronto.