Fitness gifts can be a tricky buy, but if you have some like-minded pals or a partner who enjoys breaking a sweat, a gift that signifies and stimulates healthy habits is a thoughtful gesture, a motivating step to start off 2022. But where to start? Interest, availability and budget all come into play, whether it’s an accessible stocking stuffer or a sought after high-tech activity tracker, there’s something to inspire everyone on your list.

Here are a few suggestions for holiday fitspo.

Orangetheory Membership If you follow me on social, you’ve been slurping up the orange kool-aid too, I am two enthusiastic hands-up for these workouts. From in-your-own-living-room workouts during lockdowns and weekends away, to full-throttle HIIT classes with world-class coaches and equipment, this membership-based fitness portal is impressive and gets results. The inclusive nature of the community and classes make you feel like you belong, even on your worst imposter days. Set them up for a membership, or grab a class package of 10-20-30 classes, at their local OT or online.

orangetheory fitness

Nike Air Max– Tricked out, customized or in 90’s throwback flare, you cannot go wrong with a new pair of kicks. And while they may not flex these in their next HIIT class, they will rock these on active recovery days, strolling in the city looks very, very pretty.

Hydralyte– These little wonders are a lovely stocking stuffer inclusion. The power of water is amplified with important nutrients and electrolytes, letting athletes rejuvenate quicker, staving off dehydration and all the associated nasty side effects. Grab a few sleeves and flavours, there’s a Hydralyte for everyone on your list.


NeoCell– We all know we should be taking collagen but do you actually get enough of this ridiculously important nutrient? The answer is likely a hard-no, and that needs to change! Collagen bolsters not only beauty (nails, skin, hair) but also our connective tissue and joints. Supporting both your internal struggle with deadlifts and your exterior wrinkle-fighting prowess is no small feat. NeoCell’s formula has been broken down into smaller amino acid chains or segments also known as collagen peptides which are more efficient for the body to absorb. Grab a tub or some handy packets for on-the-fly hydration.

neocell collagen

Apple Watch– Like choosing between Coke and Pepsi, we totally prefer the fruit-filled fun that only the Apple Watch possesses. Many models for many moods and fitness levels (and budgets), the Apple Watch completes your iPhone, adding an array of extensions and enhancements, all at the flick of a wrist. Our friends at have all your options and offer free shipping.

Darn Tough Socks- Socks, the quintessential Christmas gift, they need ’em anyway, so why not spoil their feet with toasty warmth when you want ’em, and backed by a lifetime guarantee– Darn Tough socks lives up the hype. I have run so many miles in these socks, which are also 100% necessary for slapping on skates. With a variety of fun designs, sizes and lengths, they’re a shoe-in!

All images by Libby Roach.