We’ve been spending more time sifting through recipes and creating delicious goodies at home. Inspired by our favourite chefs and food places there’s been endless possibilities made by each member of my family. When the Ninja CREAMi came into the marketplace our minds were swirling with ideas. It has proven to be a great addition to our kitchen not just for making ice cream dreams come alive but the versatility of this appliance has inspired us to make other tasty treats.

What’s inside the box? 

The Ninja CREAMi comes with a base unit, a vessel stand, the blending blade as well as two pint containers. It also comes with a basic recipe book  to give you more than enough ideas to get you started. Handy to have to help understand ratios and mixtures.

What can you make?

Ice cream is what came to mind first but this also makes the perfect milkshakes, smoothies, smoothie bowls, gelato, and sorbet. All easily done at the ideal consistencies with a simple touch of a button. Each style of creamery is pre-programmed taking out the guesswork. And yes each one came out delicious!

  • Ice Cream – traditional dairy and non-dairy
  • Lite Ice Cream – low sugar, low fat, and sugar substitutes
  • Gelato – Italian style ice cream, custard base
  • Sorbet – fruit based, higher water and sugar content
  • Smoothie Bowl – fresh or frozen fruit/veg with dairy or juice
  • Milkshake – quick, smooth and thick ice cream shakes

What you should know?

The base ingredients are measured into the pint container and will need to be frozen for a minimum of 24 hours. So, you’ll need to just plan ahead.  If you’re looking to add in extras (think chocolate chips, fruit, candy bits) that’s done after the 24 hour freezing time. The instructions are very clear on how to “mix in” extras.

I love that we can be in complete control of the ingredients. Not that I’m a sugar-fear monger but some store bought ice creams and gelato and sorbets are just too sweet…even for my sweet tooth.

If want to use milk/cream alternatives you can do this here as well. I’ve used coconut milk already in my coconut mango smoothie bowl.

What’s also impressive is their recommendations for one fruit sorbets making easy and fresh desserts. I made a simple pear & ginger iced sorbet only using the two ingredients and it worked out really well (refreshing and perfect next to a chocolate cake or sticky toffee pudding).

Strawberry Pocky & White Chocolate Ice Cream and Chocolate Chocolate Ice cream

A crowd pleaser with the kiddies – we made delicious crazzzzy shakes!


Simple. The mixing blade needs to be removed for cleaning from the lid. The pints can easily be washed after use. The vessel itself doesn’t require washing unless it gets food on it.

Additional Thoughts

I’ve been a fan of Ninja Kitchen appliances as each one I’ve tried does more than one job. That’s appealing since counter and storage space is limited. This new Ninja CREAMi continues on that thought with another well made and well thought out appliance. All the recipes I tried tasted great. Creamy, fresh and I like how the pints are manageable in size and don’t take up much space in the freezer.

The Ninja CREAMi retails for $249.99 (msrp) and it will be well loved in our home as we continue to create our own flavours.

I belong to a few Ninja Kitchen Facebook groups (both official as well as fan created) and get a lot of ideas and tips other users. Many are superfans of the line and I can see why.

Healthy Coconut Mango smoothie bowl with fresh/frozen fruits and coconut milk


*All photos by Sonya Davidson