Bringing technology into the classroom is exciting but also a daunting task for some. As parents we’ve seen the push for integrating technology in our kids’ schools especially in the last decade. We focused many fundraising efforts to upgrade computers and adding smart boards and tablets into the classrooms. But over the years the most common challenge was ensuring that the educators themselves were also given the proper tools to use these devices. On top of the existing curriculum teachers were learning themselves how to make the most of the new norm. It’s like teaching a whole new language and expectations were, and continue to be, get them up-to-speed and fast. We’ve been watching how companies like Apple are creating programs to address the needs of educators and students alike.

Earlier this month, Apple announced the release of the Everyone Can Create learning series — available free through Apple Books. Designed to help unleash kids’ creativity throughout their school day, it teaches students to develop and communicate ideas through drawing, music, video and photos on iPad. The new  project guides give teachers fun and meaningful tools to easily fold these skills into any lesson, assignment and subject. Everyone Can Create joins Apple’s successful Everyone Can Code initiative as one-of-a-kind programs for teachers that help to keep students excited and engaged.

The Everyone Can Create collection is designed to allow teachers to easily incorporate creativity into their existing lesson plans in any subject, including language arts, math, science, history, social studies and coding. Since releasing a preview in March, educators in more than 350 schools around the world have started working with Everyone Can Create.

A new Teacher Guide helps bring these projects to life in the classroom with 300 lesson ideas across media, projects and subjects. For example, a math teacher can guide students to use the iPad camera and burst mode to capture the arc of a basketball being tossed through a hoop and measure its parabola.

The Everyone Can Create series is now available in English everywhere Apple Books is available. Additional languages will be available by the end of 2018. Apple Books is a new app introduced with iOS 12.

Apple Stores are also offering Apple Teacher Tuesday sessions. Apple’s 504 stores in 24 countries have already taught over 5,000 hands-on Teacher Tuesday sessions on topics including coding and app design, video and music creation, and creative visual presentations.

More information can be found here.