Escape Rooms have been all the rage for the past few years. However, it wasn’t until a few weeks ago, on a trip to see my mother in-law, that I actually found myself trapped in a room on a race against time. Working together with my hubby and two kids, we pieced the puzzle together, using clues and logic to beat the clock. We didn’t. But we are now hooked.

If you are looking for a fun activity for your family, a date night, team builder or a GNO, below are some fun Escape Rooms from across Ontario.


There are no lack of Escape Rooms in the GTA. From trying to elude detention to breaking out of a police interrogation, you can pick and choose what type of puzzle you want to solve. Having grown up in the city, I love the historical feel of Casa Loma and their Escape Series. Choose from one of three rooms which combine history, intrigue and live actors.


Wanting to see if you have what it takes to rob a casino? The Alcatraz Escape Room in Hamilton will put your skills to the test. With four different themed rooms including a casino heist, a secret society and a prison on an island; your logic skills will be tested.


“Elementary my dear Watson”, is the name of the game in this series of escape rooms. Located near downtown Kingston, the Sherlock Escape Rooms can be completed independently or as a series; with each room continuing the story line. Arm yourself with Sherlock’s skills and remember, “when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, remains the truth.”


Science North is in need of your logic skills. Dr. Chandra and her code to her high-tech bee lab have gone missing. Can you save the new bee species that can adapt to winter? Science North is relying on you. A perfect adventure for tweens and teens and a great way to mix science and fun.


An underground bunker at a museum in the nations capital, what could go wrong? Lots. For starters, you are trapped there overnight. Secondly, while roaming the halls you discover an enemy plot. Can you stop the attack before it is too late? That is your mission while at the Diefenbuker by Escape Manor; the world’s largest escape room at the Cold War Musuem.


Located steps away from the St. Lawerence River and the newly opened Train Tunnel (a sight to behold), Escape Brockville has converted an old train car into an escape room. Themes change on a regular basis, so you never know what to expect. But one thing never changes, the challenge to escape the Freight before it is too late.


The Escape Rooms in London have an adventure for every desire. From virtual reality set on a space station to a rented apartment with a not-so-trustworthy roommate, you can have your fill of logic testing. If you choose to solve the Ransom, your escape will take you to the Fanshawe Pioneer Village.


It is a race against time and against the criminal justice system. Locked up in the Cornwall jail, you are your team will need to escape. Themes at Escape the Cornwall Jail change regularly, but the challenge remains the same – solve the puzzle or face a terrible fate while incarcerated in this historical jail.