If you’re an iPhone 14 or iPhone 15 user you may have noticed a “SOS” feature in the corner of your screen. Since its launch a year ago, Emergency SOS via Satellite, a groundbreaking service, has made a significant impact around the world. This safety feature became available on all iPhone 14 models in Canada and the U.S.. Now the service is also available on the iPhone 15 line up in 16 countries and regions. This innovative technology that enables users to text with emergency services while outside of cellular and wi-fi coverage has already help many.

How it works?

Say you’re hiking in big country and find yourself without cell service or wi-fi with an emergency on hand. You have no other way to reach critical services. Emergency SOS feature on your iPhone will try to connect to a satellite for help as long as you’re in a clear view of the sky and horizon.

If you know you’re going somewhere with no cellular and wi-fi coverage you can even try out a demo before heading out. And with the feature, you can also set up the information that you want to share in case of emergency including Medical ID and notifying emergency contacts.

Apple recently announced it is extending free access to Emergency SOS via satellite for an additional year for existing iPhone 14 users. (Free trial extended for iPhone 14 users who have activated their device in a country that supports Emergency SOS via satellite prior to 12 am PT on November 15, 2023.)

Other safety capabilities that can provide assistance when needed:

  • Users can open the Find My app and share their location via satellite to reassure family and friends while travelling off the grid.
  • Crash Detection can detect a severe car crash and automatically dial emergency services if a user is unconscious or unable to reach their iPhone.
  • Check In allows users to automatically notify friends and family when they have made it to their destination safely (available on iOS 17 or later).
  • Users can set up their Medical ID in the Health app to provide first responders access to critical medical information from the Lock Screen without needing a passcode.

You can learn more about this important feature in the Apple Support Page here.